How do you secure a chair on a balcony?

secure a chair on a balcony?

Sitting on your balcony on a warm sunny day or during chilly winter nights is an efficient way to relax after a stressful day. But it is often frustrating to see furniture on your balcony or outdoor area destroyed due to strong winds and moisture. 

These days people spend a significant amount of money to make their balconies or outdoor areas comfortable while ensuring their furniture is secured fully. You can secure a chair on a balcony in numerous ways, including bungee cords, wrought iron frames, stakes, anchors, etc. All these methods have been explained in detail for you in this article.    

What are Balcony chairs called?

Balcony chairs are often called “Patio Chaise Lounge .”This name was invented by the French almost an era ago. They were named as such because these chairs do not interrupt your views as they are close to the ground and make the room look bigger. 

They are sophisticated and elegant pieces of furniture mainly used for napping, relaxing, and sunbathing. Choosing the correct chair for your balcony is a difficult task since plenty of chair types, styles, and colors are available on the market.  

Types of Balcony Chairs

Finding the ideal balcony chair requires some research. We have compiled the different types of chairs available in the market for you to select the best one according to your need, preference, and budget. 

Plastic Balcony Chairs

Plastic balcony chairs are your go-to option if you do not want to spend a lot of money on patio furniture and want to invest in affordable chairs. Plastic chairs seem like a reasonable option since they are light-weighted and easy to move around, especially if you are looking for apartment balcony chairs.

Plastic patio furniture is durable and easily available in various colors and designs. Even though the common thought about plastic balcony chairs is that they might easily break, furniture made from modern plastic is hard and cannot be broken easily.  

Wooden Balcony Chairs

Wooden Patio Chairs are an expensive but classy option that enhances your balcony or outdoor area. These chairs are extremely durable and are available in a range of designs in the market. 

These chairs are also available in a range of sizes, so homeowners might also consider buying a small balcony chair for their kids. Wooden chairs are available in multiple shades of brown, ranging from dark to light-colored chairs. 

Chairs made from a mix of shades are usually acacia wood and give a sophisticated look to your balcony. Adirondack chairs are also a type of wooden chairs that differentiate how they look. 

Metal Balcony Chairs

If your main aim is to buy chairs that last long, metal patio chairs should be your choice. These chairs are made of rugged metal, making them strong and durable. Metal chairs are also available in various styles to choose from. 

This type of furniture is usually more reasonable than many other types of furniture available in the market. Since metal chairs were the first model of patio chairs, they might not give your balcony an elegant look, but they sure do look appealing in their way.

Patio Chair Swings

Another fun option for homeowners is to buy patio chair swings instead of chairs. A hanging swing made of teak wood is an appealing option as it would allow people to relax while having pleasure. 

These swings can hold up to 200 pounds of weight which means two people can swing together without the fear of the swing breaking down. 

There are numerous options available in the market for patio chair swings, including those that do not require your balcony to have a roof, as they come with their support system and roof. 

Balcony Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs are the most common and preferred chair type for balconies. These chairs are slightly longer than normal chairs, making them perfect for stretching and tanning. 

The material used for these chairs is usually wicker, which can resist all weather conditions. These chairs provide comfort while also making your balcony look stylish. These chairs are easily moveable, making them perfect as apartment balcony chairs. 

Balcony Rocking Chair

Homeowners can also consider buying rocking chairs for their balconies if they have sufficient space. Rocking chairs make the balconies look comfortable, cozy, and welcoming, especially with colorful cushions. 

These chairs are usually made of wicker and are widely available in different styles and colors in the markets. Some people may choose chairs that give a traditional vibe, while some may prefer modern-looking chairs. 

Balcony Hammock Chairs

The popularity of Hammock chairs for balconies has increased in recent times. These comfortable balcony chairs provide a unique arrangement of seats on your balcony. 

The different types of hammock chairs available in the market vary enormously in their design and the way they are secured. These chairs usually are strong enough to hold a large amount of weight and can be used to take a nap on a windy day. 

Tools and Materials required to secure a Balcony Chair

Earthquake Gel

Earthquake gel is an adhesive usually used to secure glass on tables to prevent it from falling, slipping, or breaking. Quite recently, it has been found to be useful to keep all items of a balcony patio set in place. 

This clear gel can be placed on the legs of chairs, reducing the chances of them blowing away and ensuring it stays secure regardless of weather conditions. 

Ropes, chains, or cords

Suspension or securing of chairs might require ropes, chains, or cords. Chains can be adjusted easily according to the required tension when suspended using S hooks. Chains are also known to be durable, so homeowners would not have to worry about replacing them frequently. 

Basic Tools

To secure the outdoor balcony chairs, basic tools like a drill machine, measuring tape, stud finder, and screws would be required. Pencils might also be needed to mark the positions for drilling.

Suspension Hardware

Suspension hardware secures anchor spots in ceilings or between posts. They are important to ensure that the chair can hold enough weight if it is a hanging chair. Suspension hardware includes screw eyes, eye bolts, S hooks, and J hooks.  

Hammock Straps

If homeowners decide to buy hammock chairs, they would require hammock straps to secure the chair to the hardware. Finding the correct angle to hang the hammock might require some time. 

Methods to secure a Balcony Chair

Securing the items of your balcony patio set is extremely important to prevent your patio furniture from flying away or being damaged due to harsh weather. While homeowners must consider buying heavy chairs if they live in geographically windy areas, they can implement the methods explained below to secure their chairs. 

Chairs with Wrought Iron Frames

Wrought Iron Frames are essential for homes built in geographically windy areas. These frames are extremely heavy as compared to plastic or aluminum frames. If attached to chairs, wrought iron would make it difficult for homeowners to move the chairs.

Anchors and Stakes

Outdoor balcony chairs can also be secured through anchors and specialty stakes. Homeowners must follow the following steps while wearing goggles to protect their eyes from flying debris.

  1. Use a hammer to drill a hole of the size of the anchor.
  2. Insert the anchor sleeve into the hole to ensure only the ring is visible.
  3. Twist the ring anchor to ensure only the ring anchor can be seen.
  4. Pass a chain through the ring and your balcony chair.
  5. Secure using a padlock.

Use Ropes

Hanging a hammock or securing a swing can be a difficult task. Homeowners can use rope suspensions to hang hammocks indoors. A tight knot should be made, and the ropes should be attached to a pillar or ceiling beam.  

Stacking of chairs

If homeowners plan on buying plastic chairs, they might want to use earthquake gel to secure their chairs. If they wish to move the chair around frequently, it is advisable for them to stack chairs in the corner when not in use to prevent them from flying away with the wind. This method is beneficial since you would not have to clean every chair if it snows.

Use Bungee Cords

To keep chairs secured, homeowners can use bungee cords. The chairs must be tied with bungee cords, and the ends of the cords should be connected to permanent objects on the balcony, for example, railings. This would reduce the chances of the chairs moving due to strong winds or other harsh weather conditions. 

Costs to secure a chair on a Balcony

According to thumbtack, since securing a chair on the balcony might not require someone with special experience, most furniture assemblers charge around $60 to $450 depending on the number of pieces in your balcony patio set that have to be assembled and their location. Repairing or restrapping of outdoor furniture may cost around $80 to $100. 


Since buying comfortable balcony chairs is an important decision, homeowners must consider their preference, budget, and available space before buying chairs. To secure their outdoor balcony chairs, homeowners must use one of the explained methods to prevent damage to their outdoor furniture due to harsh weather or extra weight. 

The costs of setting up may vary depending on the number of items or chairs that need to be secured or the method used. But spending money on outdoor spaces is not a frequent expenditure, so homeowners must implement the best possible method. 

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