How Do You Know when To Change a Vacuum Bag?

How Do You Know when To Change a Vacuum Bag?

You will get different reasons to change the vacuum bag and keep the vacuum cleaner every time. A vacuum cleaner is used to clean the floor and furniture, and in the meantime, the vacuum bag gets filled with dirt. So, How Do You Know When to Change a Vacuum Bag?

To change the vacuum bag you need to identify the problem/reason first. Once you are done with your checkup, then you will be ready to change the bag. However, you don’t require to achieve the extra skill to change the vacuum bag as it is a very easy task to do.

In this content, you will know about the changing reasons and schedule of the vacuum cleaner bag. The process to change the bag and much interesting information regarding vacuum bag changing. Some FAQs will also be there for you. So, let’s start.

Is It Necessary to Change a Vacuum Bag?

Before knowing the necessity of changing the vacuum bag, you should know what will happen if you don’t change the vacuum bag. Well, it depends on the vacuum’s amount of dirt and dust sucked as the bag is filled. When you will see that the vacuum bag is full and there is no space behind, then the suction pipe and motor won’t work properly. The efficiency will decrease, and eventually, you will lose the performance.

So, it’s very important to clean the vacuum bag. But, when you see that cleaning isn’t fixing your performance issue, then you need to know that you have to change the bag.

When to Change the Vacuum Bag?

There are some reasons that may lead you to change the vacuum bag. Here you will get to know about the reasons below-

  • Low Power
  • Long Uses
  • After Using It in Dusty Area
  • Bad Smell
  • Indicator Light

Low Power

You will understand it by yourself when you realize that the vacuum motor’s suction power is insufficient to clean the floor and furniture. If you see the suction power is not working enough, then you have got a reason to change the vacuum bag. The low power of the vacuum indicates that your vacuum bag is not perfect anymore for storing dust and dirt.

Long Uses

If you are using the vacuum cleaner for a long time, like more than one month, then you should change the vacuum bag. If you change the vacuum cleaner bag on a regular basis then it will perform perfectly. However, this is also one of the best reasons to change the vacuum bag.

After Using It in Dusty Area

Sometimes, you will notice that after cleaning a dusty area, the vacuum is not working perfectly, and it happen because of the bag capacity and suitability. Moreover, the dusty places ruin the suitability of your vacuum bag, and you need to change the bag. Sometimes, we make mistakes while cleaning our home or office and set the vacuum cleaner to clean a very dusty area.

Bad Smell

If you get any bad smell from your vacuum cleaner, you need to check the vacuum bag first. It happens when the dirt sticks to the bag and the bag needs to be changed. The workability of the vacuum bag has a time limit, and you should know about it.

Indicator Light

Some smart and advanced vacuum cleaner has an indicator light that says to change the bag so that you get the best performance. When you see the indicator light, then you need to check the vacuum store and take the initiatives to change the vacuum bag.

How To Change the Disposable Vacuum Bag?

It’s very important to know about the vacuum and the vacuum bag. If you don’t know how to clean vacuum bag or change it then this part will help you to do it by yourself. So, to change the disposable vacuum bag, you need to do the following-

  1. First you need to take a sheet or newspaper
  2. Now, you need to open the chamber of vacuum you are using.
  3. Here you need to check the bag carefully.
  4. Take necessary initiatives to remove the bag from the vacuum.
  5. After removing the bag, you should through the bag to the bin.
  6. It’s time to set a new bag into your vacuum and it’s very easy to do.
  7. At last, you need to re-zip the vacuum bag portion so that you can use it again.

If you think the vacuum bag is good enough to use, then you should know how to clean it. So, here is the solution to clean the vacuum bag-

  1. First, you need to empty the vacuum bag, and to do so, you need to turn it inside out.
  2. Now, you should arrange warm soapy water to clean the bag and give it some time to dry it.

You are done with the cleaning process, and our recommendation to you will be to check the filter condition when you clean the bag.


1. What happens when the vacuum bag is full?

– Yes, it happens every time when the amount of dust is too high, and the vacuum bag gets full. When the vacuum bag is full, the vacuum’s suction power doesn’t work perfectly. In that case, you need to empty the bag as soon as possible.

2. How often should you empty your vacuum?

– You should not wait for the vacuum gets full rather, you should clean or empty the vacuum bag every single time. However, if you can’t empty it every single time, then you must clean the vacuum bag once it reaches half to two-thirds.

3. Do bagged vacuums lose suction?

With the bag condition, it starts to lose suction power. If your bag is full, then it will lose suction power.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have understood how do you know when to change a vacuum bag? And now you are concerned with the importance of changing the vacuum bag when it is necessary. Maintenance of electric devices can make them more efficient for the time being. So, always try to maintain your vacuum cleaner and clean or change the vacuum bag when it is necessary. Make sure you are placing your vacuum cleaner away from your Kid aged under five.

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