What is a chair with arms called?

Nothing says home-like comfortable furniture that makes you feel at home. Gone are the days when chairs were just simple wooden frames that you couldn’t sit on without hurting your back.

Nowadays, we have come a long way from that, and there are plenty of different designs and types of chairs according to their usage and where they will be kept in the household or at the office.

Chairs with arms are also called armchairs. These chairs are available in a large variety in the market, each having benefits of its own. We have summarized the types of different armchairs and their benefits below.

What is a chair with arms called?

A chair with arms is called an armchair, but different armchairs have been given different names according to their use or features. This ranges from a set of chairs for the dining room, living room, or office.

What are the different styles of chairs with arms?

There are numerous styles of chairs with arms available in the market, and all of them are used for different purposes. We have summarized below some types of chairs for home or work and their benefits.

Wooden Chair

Wooden chairs are perhaps the oldest kinds of chairs to exist. We have all seen at least one wooden chair with arms around the house. Typically, they were made by carpenters. Wooden chairs feature a sturdy wooden frame and can be used with a table as dining or living room chairs or on their own. They are simple and easily enhance the room’s look where they are kept.

There are various designs in wooden chairs, which usually differ by the pattern on their back, which can be spindles or a solid back. For a very long time, wooden chairs were the only type of chairs that were accessible; however, with more advancements, their popularity has reduced a little.

Carver Chair

Carver chairs were an advancement from wooden chairs. While they were also made of wood, their design was significantly different. Carver chairs had a rush seat, with the legs rising and forming the armrests and the back of the chair.

The back was usually consisting of three spindles with decorative finishings. While a carver chair was seen as a luxury when it was first invented, it soon became common. Nowadays, carver chairs are liked by people who want to buy a chair that gives an antique look to the house.


Coming to modern times, the present-day armchair is probably a chair that every household has or needs. An armchair is an upholstered chair with arms, making it super comfortable even when you spend hours sitting on them! The best part about armchairs is that they are customizable.

They can be made of leather or cloth, of whatever color you want. This makes them a good choice as living room chairs because the owner can use the chair to express themselves and define the overall aesthetic of the room, all while getting a super comfortable chair.

Another variation of armchairs is recliners, which are similar-looking, only that they have tilted backs and are even more comfortable! Having a recliner in your house is the ultimate sign of luxury and comfort!


An X-Chair is usually used by someone who spends a big chunk of their day on the chair. It is most commonly used in office or work environments. With the orientation of working from home and hybrid work models, having an X-chair in your room or work-study is increasingly common. While there are different types of work chairs, all of them are super comfortable and designed to provide premium back support throughout the day.

A special type of these chairs is the ergonomic chairs that provide personalized premium support. These chairs are usually black in color, made with a plastic body with net and foam. The height and armrests for these chairs are usually adjustable, ensuring that every person stays comfortable.

Dining room chair

Dining room chairs are important because that is where the family spends time together. These are also the chairs guests are likely to sit on during dinners. Therefore, they must be comfortable and stylish and add to the room’s overall aesthetic.

There are different types of dining room chairs like simple wooden chairs, bar stools – which come in various types, some of which are even height adjustable and can rotate, ghost chairs which are made of clear plastic (if your aesthetic is modern), wishbone chairs (for a mid-century look) or even side chairs (without armrests and with a long back)

Folding Chair

Folding chairs are a modern invention that is certainly very useful when catering to a large number of guests. As the name suggests, these chairs are foldable, which means that they take up considerably less space and can be kept in the side or store and only used when needed.

These chairs come in metal or plastic and are generally available in multiple colors. Having a folding chair is a necessity nowadays. These chairs can also be used outside.

It is common for these chairs to be scratch, stain, and weather-resistant and have an additional UV coating. One common misconception is that since these chairs are foldable, they might not be that strong. However, most foldable chairs support up to 1000 lbs. which makes them super reliable.

Slipper Chair

Slipper chairs are fancy and quite noticeable because of their unique shape. They are upholstered chairs with shorter legs, making them closer to the ground. Women first used slipper chairs for their dressing rooms.

However, they soon became popular because of their distinct shape and added comfort. It is common to find a slipper chair in a dressing room or study for added comfort. Additional ideas include pairing the slipper chair opposite a sofa and coffee table for interesting conversations!

How high should armrests be?

One important question that arises from this discussion is that when buying a chair, how high should the armrest be? The standard height for armrests is defined by the height of your naturally bent elbows.

However, the key to good posture and comfort is armrest adjustability, so if the kind of chair you are buying has that option, always go for it! If the chair in question has to be used with a desk, the armrest height should be aligned with the desk.

Why Should You Buy a Chair with Arms?

Chairs have been constructed with armrests for hundreds of years. They act as symbols of status for the head of the family or Board Executives. Even though armrests are not the most stylish part of a chair, research conducted in the last 25 years shows the importance of chairs with armrests.

Improved Work Efficiency

With the increase in the number of desk jobs, chairs with armrests have been known to increase the morale and efficiency of office employees. The main reason for this lies in the comfort that these ergonomic chairs provide. Chairs with armrests also give employees the feeling of responsibility and authority, which increases their productivity.

Health Benefits

According to research, the right kind of armrest (which has a suitable height) improves blood circulation in the body, which helps arms bend naturally. It also helps prevent the ‘Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by allowing elbows to bend at 100 degrees.

Armrests also provide the added health benefit of reducing the load on the shoulders, neck, and back, which reduces strains, neck pain, and shoulder pain.

Comfort and Amenity

It has been seen that a simple wooden or plastic armrest in chairs can improve users’ comfort level. A cushioned padding on armrests can increase the level of amenity.

Working for long hours in the office or sitting on a chair for long hours at home both require a level of comfort, or else the experience becomes unbearable. Additional armrest features like cupholders would increase the cost of chairs.

Natural Posture

According to Biology, maintaining a natural posture when sitting would allow muscles to produce maximum force when performing tasks like writing or typing.

Armrests allow us to maintain natural posture without putting stress on our body joints. Chances of spinal issues and backaches are also reduced since the backbone is perfectly aligned with the spine.


Medical studies have proved that chairs with armrests are extremely important. They provide us with numerous health benefits and make our sitting experience comfortable and strain-free.

While there are many types of chairs with armrests available on the market, you must choose the chair that best suits your requirements and budget since the costs of chairs would increase as the features of the armrests increase.

One important factor to consider when buying a chair is the height of the armrest. This depends on the bent of your elbow and the height of your desk if using a desk chair. For these reasons, it is best to buy chairs with adjustable armrests.

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