The Right Way To Remove False Cabinet Doors More Conveniently

How To Remove False Cabinet Doors?

Though cabinets are very valuable things to store something or preserve something, the benefits of cabinets don’t limit here. Cabinets can be used in different ways and you might know that there are some cabinets that come with false doors that can be removed.

 It is true that removing the false door is not as easy as it has been made out to be. But, with proper technique, you shouldn’t face issues doing this task. Fortunately, I am here today to teach you how to remove false cabinet doors.

Eventually, you will discover an open place in your kitchen or bathroom to lay something on it. So, to know this trick, keep reading until the end. 

How To Remove False Cabinet Doors?

Removing a false cabinet door or doors is not a troublesome task, rather you will find it simple if you understand the process of this task well. And doing this you will not require heavy equipment or even a crow driver. All you have to do is to know where the clips are. And the right way to detach doors from the cabinet? 

Removable cabinet doors are excellent, as you can easily remove them from the cabinet. As well as you can also add it to your necessity. Below I’m going to explain simple steps that will help you to remove your false cabinet doors: 

  1. Verify that this cabinet door is removable. Then check the switches on the hinges of the door. These switches are the main parts of the door. 
  2. Right behind the hinge, you will find a switch. After pulling the switch forward, you must pull the top one forward. By these, your door will detach from the cabinet. 

iii. If the door is one-parted then you will need to remove only one side of the door. Or if the door is double-parted then you have to remove both sides. 

  1. If you want to remove the hinges from the cabinet door then you can use a screwdriver. Now, you can remove hinges from the door by unscrewing them or by removing these by force. 
  2. Finally, You have to use a putty knife, which is needed to remove loose wood or splinters from the side of the hinges. You will need a quick-drying putty which is to fill the holes and let it dry. When it is dry then sand it with sandpaper. A good grit sandpaper can be used for that as it will smooth the surface well. Then the painting should be given there. Here it is! 

This is quite a simple task that can be done within a few seconds. Stick to my instructions and do it easily. 

How to make an open shelf with a false door-less cabinet 

A cabinet can be turned into an open shelf after removing the false door. Since it is in your kitchen, you can use it for many purposes. You can use it to store your dishes or glasses too. Also, you can use this place for preparing your food. 

Painting the place and preparing it for open shelving is the first step. A removable cabinet door is attached by latches or switches or clips. So, after detaching the cabinet door, you can reinstall it in its place. Above I have discussed the simple way to remove a door, temporarily. But this does not mean changing the whole dimension of the hardware. 

When it comes to the benefits of changing a cabinet into an open shelve, I want to say that it is the best cost-effective or cost-prohibitive way to change a cabinet to an open shelve or to make an open shelve. 

Try to make this shelf very natural by adorning it. As it was not a cabinet before. Removing cabinet doors and turning a cabinet into an open shelve will refrain you from bringing extra shelves for your dishes or bringing extra shelves after turning your cabinet into an open shelve. It might be enough for your kitchen. 

In the term of adorning your shelve, you can remove the middle stile. The vertical part of the cabinet is called stile and the middle vertical part is called the middle stile. Remove or cut the middle stile. Remember that you can not use this cabinet after removing the middle stile. 


A nice task is an art. Art talks about the creative or artistic mind of a painter or artist. And here you are an artist. Removing a false cabinet door is a quite simple task but it should not be neglected. 

I mentioned the process and the task afterward. Follow my instructions so that you can end your task perfectly. 

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