Top 7 Best Living Room Chair for Neck Pain in 2023 (updated)

Best Living Room Chair for Neck Pain

After a long day at work and a few more hours shopping for groceries, I spend any leisure time I get reading a book on my favorite living room chair. It’s safe to say that sitting for such long hours on the chair gave me some mental relief, but it also came with an annoying pain in the neck.

When I went to get it checked, my doctor pointed out that the root of the pain might lie in the poor quality of my “reading chair.” The same chair that I considered my escape. Hence, with a heavy stone in my heart, I decided to replace that chair with the best chair for neck pain available on the market.

However, with all the limitless options, coming to a conclusion proved to be a challenge. I extensively researched several models, and after a couple of months, I made a list of 7 top brands. Today I’m reviewing those living room chairs so that none of you have to test your patience as I did.

What Are the Best Living Room Chairs for Neck Pain?

In this modern age, with all the different furniture options on the market, it can be pretty daunting to make the right choice. Therefore, I put together this detailed list of living room chairs for your utmost convenience.

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1. Roundhill Furniture Pisano Teal Blue Accent Chair

Roundhill Furniture Pisano Teal Blue Accent Chair

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First on this list is a contemporary and simple chair that is built with the best quality materials to withstand regular use. If you are looking for a chair that can last over a decade without showing any visible wear, this is your best pick. The chair also comes with a handful of features to reduce neck pain.

The first thing that made me pick this accent chair for today’s list is its material. Its cushions are made of a chenille fiber weave that doesn’t wear out easily. The teal blue color also makes the simple chair more appealing. This chair is supported by legs made from solid wood, which contributes to its durability.

What makes it even stronger is the solid wooden frame that allows it to endure pressure. No matter which weight class you belong to, you can relax on this chair for hours without worrying about breaking it. Another thing that caught my eye was the deep espresso finish they applied on the wooden legs.

This made me notice the amount of time they spent on subtle details of the chair. The chair boasts a modern contemporary style enhanced by its graffiti design. You will be able to experience unmatched back pain relief every time you sit on the padded back of the chair. The small cushion they added is also a nice touch.

Roundhill Furniture Pisano Fabric Armless Contemporary Accent Chair with Kidney Pillow, Single, Blue
  • This durable chair is crafted with solid wood legs and a chenille fiber weave, which means...
  • The chair comes with a matching fabric accent pillow to complete the look. The sturdy legs...
  • Upholstery Color: The seat and back are padded for great comfortable feeling. The unique...
  • Set up Dimension: 22.75" W x 31.75" D x 36.5" H; Seat height 17.75"; Apron height 7.75";...

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Pros & Cons

  • Cushions are made of chenille fiber weave
  • Solid wooden frame
  • Wooden legs with espresso finish
  • Aesthetic graffiti design
  • Equipped with a padded backrest
  • Relatively pricey


This offering from Roundhill is a beautifully designed living room chair with cushions made from chenille fiber. It can provide you with the utmost comfort and class.

2. Christopher Knight Home Braant Mid-Century Fabric Rocker

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Nothing offers more relaxation in your leisure time like this compact and soulful rocking chair. This relaxing chair can be a suitable addition to your bedroom or living room. Just place it in front of an open window or balcony, and you will find yourself spending hours pondering about the wonders of the world.

It might sound like I’m overhyping something made of wood and foam, but it’s hard not to be won over by its features. First and foremost, it’s available in multiple colors such as grey, muted green, muted blue, and muted orange.

The wide range of colors combined with the contemporary design allows the chair to fit in with your interior décor easily. This is an excellent choice for small living rooms. You can also choose the color of the wooden frame to suit your existing furniture. However, there is more to this living room chair than its outlook.

This chair has an ideal height and seat depth for people who suffer from neck pain. The soft cushions sink under pressure, which offers better neck support in the long run. Even the soft fabric is made of high quality polyester that can last a very long time.

If you want long term pain relief at a reasonable price, then you should look no further. Unlike most living room chairs, this model has soft armrests for added comfort. This subtle feature offers more coziness in your leisure hours along with some much needed pain relief.

Christopher Knight Home Braant Mid-Century Fabric Rocker, Grey / Light Walnut
  • This rocking chair is a great addition to any room in your home, especially a Bedroom or...
  • Assembly required - Yes
  • Holds up to: 250 pounds
  • Note : To ensure proper assembly, please follow all steps provided in the installation...

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Pros & Cons

  • Cushioned armrests
  • Reasonably priced chair
  • Wide range of colors for the wood frame
  • Suitable height and depth for neck pain relief
  • An ideal choice for small living rooms
  • Complicated instruction manual


If you have a small living room, this compact rocking chair is meant for you. It also comes in multiple colors.

3. OSP Home Furnishings Wicker Papasan Chair

OSP Home Furnishings Wicker Papasan Chair

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When I first set my eyes on this piece of work, I instantly decided to include it on this list. Not only does it have a unique design, but it also adds a laid back vibe to any room. Papasan chair designs were well regarded in the past as it is now.

The manufacturer made some modifications to this classic design to make it more efficient for those of you suffering from neck pain. You can effortlessly raise the aesthetic of your living room with a chair like this. It allows you to gently lay back and let go of all the pain and discomfort of daily life.

Even the cushions aren’t as ordinary as they may seem at first glance. It is filled with Dacron to ensure the utmost comfort and softness. The seat is exceptionally spacious, allowing you to fully let go of your body. It can swiftly remove all the strain from your exhausted body and even treat neck pain in the long run.

On top of that, the stylish metal frame helps the chair remain stable even when a large person is sitting on it. This feature makes sure that the lounge chair can last regular usage for several years to come. They covered the frame with resin wicker to ensure maximum durability.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also rotate 360 degrees effortlessly with the swivel function. This is a delightful addition to an already remarkable Papasan chair. You can find this model in a range of different colors.

OSP Home Furnishings Wicker Papasan Chair with 360-Degree Swivel, Large, Grey Frame with Orange Cushion
  • Enjoy the boho styling of our papasan chair made with durable resin wicker wrapped over a...
  • Lounge and twist and turn to your heart’s content with virtually frictionless 360 degree...
  • Nest and relax into the generously large high quality soft Dacron-filled button tufted...
  • The seat cushion is easy to remove dust and debris since it is tied on the frame by...

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Pros & Cons

  • 360 degree swivel
  • Unique papasan design
  • Very spacious
  • Stylish metal frame covered in wicker
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Cushions tend to lose their fluff after a few years


This is a stylish Papasan chair with a durable frame that can last a very long time. It’s one of the most long lasting chairs on the market.

4. Christopher Knight Home Mid Century Modern Recliner Grey

Christopher Knight Home Mid Century Modern Recliner Grey

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There is no other ergonomic recliner chair that combines style and comfort like this model. When we are talking about long term relief from neck pain, it’s impossible not to include this chair. It completely renovates the mid century style of recliner chairs and gives it a sleeker and modern look.

Once you buy this recliner chair, you will spend hours admiring the manufacturer’s subtle attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship. The minimalistic design makes it suitable for all types of interior décor. Apart from that, the various choices of colors will grant you more freedom when picking your living room furniture.

Moreover, the chair is so easy to assemble that you will barely need more than 10 minutes to set it up. You can just place it in your desired room and lay back in peace in no time. The leg pieces have a dark espresso finish and are sturdy enough to withstand a lot of pressure.

The button tufted back of the recliner will help you soothe neck and back pain from sitting for endless hours, day after day. However, it’s the soft cushion that will make you look forward to putting your feet up in the air and enjoying some alone time.

This is an ideal piece of furniture for your living room as it is suitable for people of all ages and sizes. The fabric on this recliner chair is 100% polyester, making it resistant to wear for years on end.

Christopher Knight Home Mid Century Modern Recliner Grey
  • MID-CENTURY MODERN: Blending together iconic tapered legs with a smooth upholstery, our...
  • BUTTON TUFTED WAFFLE STITCH: The button-tufted stitching in the backrest offers an extra...
  • UPHOLSTERED: Our recliner is generously upholstered, giving any room a refined appearance....
  • BIRCH WOOD LEGS: This recliner is supported by beautifully tapered birch wood legs which...

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Pros & Cons

  • Button tufted backrest
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Sturdy leg pieces with a dark espresso finish
  • Made of 100% polyester material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not suitable for very tall people


If you want an ergonomic living room chair with durable material and sturdy leg pieces, then this is the best choice for you.

5. Sofa Sack – Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair

Sofa Sack - Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair

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What can be a better living room accessory than a soft bean bag chair that can take away your neck pain? This can be a perfect addition to your bedroom as well for when your friends come to visit. It barely ever takes up any space, so you can place it in any corner of your house.

You can also carry the bean bag chair around the house because it’s so lightweight. A regular bean bag can be pretty uncomfortable to sit on as they are filled with beans. However, this exclusive chair is equipped with memory foam, which offers pain free and complete relaxation.

This chair can also retain its shape (based on your body weight) for a long duration without ever losing its efficiency or softness. You will experience the same level of comfort every time you let yourself go on this plush bean bag. They use a velvet passion suede fabric that is double stitched so that the foam doesn’t pop out.

The living room chair is also safe around kids who tend to be a bit harsh on your furniture. You can also sit on this chair and continue your day to day activities such as studying and gaming on your computer. It’s also available in a plethora of colors to suit your living room décor.

There are hardly any bean bag chairs out there that are as durable and long lasting as this one. Needless to say, this will provide you with more comfort than your regular armrest chair.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight bean bag chair
  • Filled with memory foam
  • Durable fabric
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Plush and soft on your buttocks
  • Size could be increased


This one is a fun and lightweight bean bag chair available in multiple colors. It is suitable for the youngsters in the house.

6. serta ashland ergonomic home office chair

serta ashland ergonomic home office chair

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You might be wondering why I added an office chair in this article about living room chairs. Well, this versatile chair is way more than it is advertised to be. Yes, this might look like a regular office chair at first glance but wait till you read about its features.

Before long, you will find yourself swiveling around on it in your living room. The best thing about this brand is that its manufacturers modified their chairs to utmost perfection. They ensure an optimum level of comfort, which can be helpful for patients seeking hip pain relief on a daily basis.

The state of the art chic design makes this a perfect choice for matching those modern pieces of furniture in your living room. Multiple color options make this chair suitable for different households as well. The best thing about this chair is that you can adjust the height with the push of a lever.

Now you can set the chair to your desired height to make sure you never have to suffer from neck pain again. You will also find the padded armrest pretty useful and comforting. It barely puts any strain on your hands, which could lead to physical pain.

One thing that sets it apart from other recliner chairs on the market is the type of foam they use. Where most chairs are filled with recycled foam, this exclusive office chair comes with non-recycled ones. This means it’s not toxic or flammable. Besides that, the chair reclines up to 122 degrees for stress relief.

Serta Ashland Ergonomic Home Office Chair with Memory Foam Cushioning Chrome-Finished Stainless Steel Base, 360-Degree Mobility, Light Gray Fabric
  • STYLISH AND FUNCTIONAL: A seamless combination of chic design and enhanced comfort
  • SIGNATURE SERTA COMFORT: Memory foam cushions in the seat and arms keep you comfortable...
  • FITS YOUR SPACE: Height-adjustable settings are great for a variety of users and work...
  • 360-DEGREE SWIVEL: Chrome-finished stainless steel base with adjustable height control

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Pros & Cons

  • Reclines up to 122 degrees
  • Cushion filled with reclined foam
  • It comes with padded armrests
  • Clever swivel function
  • Adjustable height
  • Prone to wear in the long run


The Serta Ashland Ergonomic Home Office Chair is an ergonomic living room chair with adjustable height that allows you to recline by 122 degrees. This is one of the most versatile models for proper posture on the list.

7. GDF Studio Elizabeth Tufted Fabric Recliner

GDF Studio Elizabeth Tufted Fabric Recliner

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As the last product on this list, I decided to review this beautiful and classic recliner chair that comes in light beige. This can be a wise addition to your classic furniture collection due to its amicable design. What looks like a traditional living room chair will quickly become an escape from your busy schedule.

This recliner doesn’t require you to push a button or pull any levers for you to sit back and enjoy your leisure time. The footrest instantly pops out when you lean back on this chair, allowing you to take your feet off the ground. It makes you feel comfortable that you can even take a quick nap without thinking twice.

The back of the chair is detailed with a button tufted diamond design that your guests can admire. This is arguably the most sophisticated piece of furniture on this list. It can easily blend in and enhance your room’s aesthetic with its fascinating design. The padded cushions are another neat feature to look forward to.

It will allow you to remain at ease and won’t put any strain on your upper body. Don’t be deceived by its softness, as it is tough enough to endure regular use. As a result, this recliner chair can serve you for years on end without being any less appealing. It also comes with sturdy legs that don’t break down under pressure.

The chair is pretty spacious and suitable for all types of people – overweight or skinny. Furthermore, the imported polyester fabric helps it stay in fresh condition for the long years ahead.

CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT HOME GDF Studio Elizabeth Tufted Fabric Recliner, Vintage Reclining Reading Armchair, Light Beige
  • Materials: Fabric, Fabric Composition: 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Easily Reclines: Sit back and relax in the Elizabeth Recliner. Simply lean back to recline...
  • Modern Home Decor: This armchair will make a statement in any room in which it resides....

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Pros & Cons

  • Classic design with reclining mechanism
  • Enhances the aesthetics of your living room
  • The footrest allows you to relax
  • Padded cushions for extra comfort
  • Made from imported polyester fabric
  • It might break under heavy pressure


One of the most classically designed ergonomic living room chairs on this list, this is the ideal choice for you if you love the old traditional design with reclining features.

Before You Buy What to Look for [Buying Guide]

Sitting on your living room chair for extended hours can put a lot of strain on your back and neck muscles. Hence, it’s only wise to pick a chair that removes the strain efficiently. For that, you need to keep some crucial factors in mind before purchasing. I listed some of those factors in detail below:

Lumbar Support

If you want to get rid of agonizing neck pain, then the first feature you should look out for is the lumbar support of the living room chair. This feature is of utmost importance if you have to sit on your chair for a long time. You must make sure your posture remains constant the entire time.

A chair that offers excellent lumbar support will keep your back straight and relaxed. You won’t feel any pressure on your back and neck muscles. The backrest and neck support should also be strong enough to withstand the pressure. On the other hand, it must be soft enough to provide comfort to your back.

This will also depend on the type of material the recliner chair is made of. A button tufted backrest made from polyester can endure long term use. There are some living room chairs (like the ones reviewed in this article) that can take away your neck pain a little bit every day.

Type of Material

Choosing the best material for your living room chair will help you get the best out of your money. There are several expensive chairs on the market that use cheap materials in their construction. Most people are so impressed by the other features that they often forget to check the material.

You can depend on living room chairs with cushions made of breathable materials. They use certain fabrics that are easy on the skin and provide the highest level of comfort. If you are sitting in a fixed location for an extended period, you have to make sure you are relaxed. Or else it can have a toll on your body.

The padding should also be made from high quality material and shouldn’t be too soft or too hard. If it’s too soft, then the chair will sink and won’t be able to support your back. Alternatively, you won’t be able to sit on the chair for hours without an aching neck if the padding is too hard.


Having the option of resting your hands on an armrest can surely come in handy when you are sitting at the dinner table for hours on end. This will allow you to remain at ease and keep your posture stable. On top of that, it will put less strain on your spine and back muscles if you can rest your arms from time to time.

Even if some living room chairs have armrests, they can be pretty uncomfortable. For that, you should pick a model that comes with padded armrests that are easy on your hands. Make sure the armrests aren’t too high or too low, or else it might defeat the purpose.

Adjustable Height

Although most living room chairs don’t include this feature, having the ability to adjust the height of your chair can save you a lot of trouble. With this feature, you can set the ergonomic living room chair to your desired height based on your size and preference. This is another way to remove the strain on your neck.

If the chair is too high or too low, it can be difficult to stretch your legs as well. This can lead to muscle cramps and aching joints in the long run. Adjustable height will also make the chair suitable for people of different shapes and sizes. Your guests can now fix the chair according to their preference.

Seat Tilt

This is another efficient feature that helps you relieve your back and neck stress. There is nothing better than a living room chair that lets your lean back and reclines the seat. These types of chairs offer an optimum level of comfort and relaxation that will keep you coming back to them.

Tilting your seat by an angle will deliver better support to your spine no matter how long you spend on the chair. That’s just one of the benefits of a tilted living room chair. Apart from that, it can also improve your lung capacity and cardiac health and increase blood circulation.


When you find a chair that includes all your desired features, you often tend to ignore its price. Not everyone is willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a single piece of furniture. Some people are limited by a budget. But there are still some remarkable models on the market that come at a reasonable price.

The more features you want, the more money you would have to spend. Thus, you should only look for features you need and pick a chair that includes all of them for a small price. In this article, I have reviewed some of the leading brands that come at an affordable price.

What Chair Features Can Reduce Neck Pain?

We all know and have suffered from the irritating drawbacks of sitting on a chair for hours on end. It not only has a toll on your joints but it’s also accompanied by terrible neck pain.

This is usually because of a disoriented posture that results from a poorly designed chair. Hence, you should keep the following features in mind to efficiently tackle this dilemma.

Ergonomic Armrest

If you are sitting in your living room alone or with your guest, time can often pass by without you noticing it. In case you need to stay in a fixed position for a long time, it’s better to have something to rest your arms on. This will help your body retain the ideal posture, which removes the strain from your neck.

Keeping your hand and wrist rested at a 90 degree angle will also remove stress from your arms. You can also read a book or relax on the chair for hours without feeling exhausted.

Proper Backrest

Your chair must also have a decent backrest if you want to sit for long hours. The padding should be made of a soft material that is easy on your back. This will determine how much you can lean back on the chair and also set the position of your head. Having the option to tilt your back can also come in handy.

The backrest should also be strong enough to withstand your weight and support your back for as long as you are sitting.

15 Degree Back Angle

Research shows that your back and neck muscles are most relaxed when tilted by 15 degrees while sitting. If your chair has an adjustable feature, you can keep it tilted at a fixed position. This will help you relax your back and stay at peace for a long time.

Ideal Height

Your chair should be at an exact height where your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle. This will give you pain relief in your joints and keep your spine straight as well. You must adjust the height of your chair to make sure your feet can touch the ground and still have room to maneuver.

When your seat is excessively high, your knees will have to bear too much of your weight. The awkward position of your thighs will exert more force on the bones in your lower back if the seat cushion is too low.

If you can’t position your feet comfortably enough on the floor, you should consider adding a footstool to the mix. If you are freakishly tall, this will allow you to avoid hip and lower back pain.

Seat Depth

You should make sure the seat depth is enough to allow your buttocks to scoot back far enough to reach the backrest. The right seat depth will also help you keep your knees bent in a natural position. Scientists recommend the seat depth remain between 14 and 18.5 inches.

The user can now adjust the backrest without impacting the seat depth. Regular chairs with no adjustable feature can support a seat depth of 16.5 inches, which is also acceptable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does all living room furniture need to match?

It’s not necessary to match all your living room furniture with each other as it can be pretty challenging to do so. If you are not buying an entire set of furniture for your living room, doing so can be even more difficult. However, it’s better to make sure all your living room furniture is made of similar materials.

The colors of your furniture should complement each other and match your room’s aesthetics as well. No single piece of furniture should stand out because of its unusual color. Otherwise, it might end up looking like an eyesore.

  • How do I choose an armchair?

When choosing an armchair, you must make sure your arms remain rested at a 90 degree angle. This will help keep your posture straight and reduce neck pain caused by long hours in the living room. The armrest should also be made of durable material so that it doesn’t break under pressure.

This is to make sure people of all weight classes can enjoy the living room chair. If you are looking for added comfort, you should pick a chair with padded armrests. The material must be soft on your skin and should be breathable.

  • What makes a good lounge chair?

There are a few defining characteristics that can make a good lounge chair. Lounge chairs are commonly used for reading and relaxing in the living room. An ideal lounge chair should be spacious and have a remarkable design. There are different shapes and sizes of lounge chairs on the market.

Most importantly, the backrest should be sufficiently balanced and able to support your back. It shouldn’t put any strain on your back even after sitting for multiple hours. Good lumbar support will allow you to rest your head properly. The upholstery is usually made from a durable material like leather or polyester.

  • What is an accent chair used for?

Accent chairs are a luxurious addition to your living that can effectively enhance the aesthetics of your interior décor. It’s usually the most appealing piece of furniture in the room because of its fascinating style and design. It’s ideal to choose an accent chair that suits your interior so it can complement the room.

  • How many chairs should a living room have?

The number of chairs in your living room depends on the amount of space you have. An average-sized living room should contain at least 4 to 5 chairs and a handful of other furniture.

Final Words

If you have managed to read through the entire article, then you are well equipped to pick the best living room chair for neck pain from all the various options out there. Make sure you keep all the defining features in mind and check them before you make a purchase.

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