How to Install Closet Rod in Drywall Without Studs [6 Steps Need to Follow]

how to install closet rod in drywall without studsInstalling a closet rod without studs is a simple task that requires no special tools or intermediate and advanced skills. Generally, closet rods are typically held hold by a flange-type socket, which anchors with walls. It supports the walls by acting as studs. So, how to install closet rod in drywall without studs?

This article may take 1-hours to install completely. You just need to follow 6 steps which are very simple and easy. So, let’s get started with the installation process right now.

How to Install Closet Rod in Drywall Without Studs?

As I told you that you don’t need to use any special tools, that’s why I don’t mention any tools name specified in this section. Just follow the below steps to easily install.

Step 1: Measurement or Marking Close & Walls

From 3-inch above, mark the wall where you intend to hand the closet rod. Moreover, measure the distance from the mark to the floor and the nearest corner of the closet. In the same way, you need to dimension the market of the opposite.

Step 2: Start to Drill and Holes

Dimension and mark the wry center of the end of each piece of lumbers. First, position one board on one wall so that it keeps vertically and the mark which you already made comes in the center and ends the mark.

Second, you should start to drill using a drilling bit. Drill 4 evenly holes to maintain a vertical line down the center of the board into the wall. The holes should be pilot holes, and the size may 4 to 5 inches. Third, remove the board and again do the same thing on your second board.

Step 3: Re-Drill for Pilot Holes

After drilling and making the holes, you need to convert larger holes to use an extra size drill bit. To make large holes, it fits the compressed wings of the walls faster. In both holes, redrill the pilot holes.

Now, start one wall anchor in each hole in the walls. Finally, tap the anchor with a mallet so that the anchors are easily flush with the walls.

Step 4: Position the Board

In your one wall position, a board keeps aligning the pilot holes with the wall anchors. After that, screw the board to the walls for anchoring the board. If you think it is complicated for you, you can use a drill bit for anchoring. Be continued, the opposite board.

Step 5: Transverse Center of Each Board

Measure and transverse the board using the mark 3-inch from the top. Use a smaller diameter drill bit and screw the rocket kit to drill the pilot holes across the mark of the board. Moreover, position the boards’ sockets and align the screw holes in each socket to the pilot holes of your boards.

Step 6: Measure the Distance Between the Screw and Finished the Process

Measurement of the distance from the screw holding the socket of the board. After that, dimension and trim the closet rod 1/2 inch shorter than the measurement. Insert your trimmed closet rod on the socket and finished the project.

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FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Can you hang something on drywall without a stud?

A: Stud is awesome to hang something on the wall and other sides. But when you have not to stud option, that means you have a Hollow-wall anchor. To hollow wall anchor, don’t use any stud to hang something; you just need to follow the upper steps.

Q: Can you screw into drywall without an anchor?

A: The straightforward answer is no—a screw directly into not anchor. To screw into drywall without anchor, you need to use some hardware to hang heavily without any issues. But you should anchor firstly and then screw the drywall.

Final Verdict

I hope that the process is easy for you and you can already fulfill the task successfully. What next? The task is very simple, and you can easily do the task when you have not any kind of skill. Without any hesitation let me know you’re though in the below comment box.

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