What Size Pulls for 36 Inch Drawers [Choosing Right Pulls Measurement]

what size pulls for 36 inch drawersIf you are looking for the right size pulls for your 36-inch drawers, then you are coming to the right place. However, when you are doing kitchen, bathrooms, drawers, or a cabinet remodel, then pulls are always important things to consider.

I used my 36-inches drawer in an 18-inches pull. Generally, I used the pull in the top of my drawers. However, if your drawer is also 30 to 36 inches, then you can choose an 18-inch standard pull size for your drawers. So many people also think a 36-inches drawer needs a 19 or 20-inch pull.

Moreover, different pulls shape need different sizes. So, let’s break down some popular pulls and their size, which are suitable for 36-inches drawers.

How Many Pulls on a 30-Inch Drawer?

Well, your drawer size is 30-inch. Am I right? If yes, then 30 to 48 inches will be required longer than the 8-inch knob, which is the 1-inch diameter or greater. Moreover, you can extend the size to increase the beauty of your drawers.

Overall, you can use 1 pull for 1 drawer. If you have doors in your drawer of 30-inch, then you can use 2 pulls comfortably.

What Size Pulls for 36 Inch Drawers? (Different Types of Pull sizes)

Should cabinet pulls all be the same size? I think not so. Here, you will discover different pulls size which is suitable for 30-inches to 36-inches drawers or cabinet. So, let’s check out the list below.

1. Bar Pulls

Generally, bar pulls are characterized by having a long bar that is attached to one or two points of the drawer. It is used for opening a cabinet or drawer and also used for opening the doors. You may discover this type of pull in so it may include a cabinet or drawer.

On the other hand, if your drawer is 30-inch to 48-inches size, then you need to choose two bar pulls. You can also use one pull bar, but it is awesome for you when you use 2 pull bars in your 30 to 48 inches drawer or cabinet.

2. Cup Pulls

Cup pulls are awesome, which increases the beauty of the cabinet or drawer. These are typically used most often cabinets or drawers because of several functions. Most of the time, you may see this pull in traditional and modern cabinets or drawers.

You need to measure a cup pull with your drawer and cabinet. However, when your drawer or cabinet is 30 to 48 inches, then you must apply 2 cup pulls in your drawer and cabinet.

3. Finger Pulls

Finger pulls are so modern, which is designed for cabinets and drawers to use. It is screwed into either the side, back, or top and wraps the door’s front. It is one of the best choices for the person who has not enough options to use other pulls.

You can use only 1 pull for your 30 to 48 inches drawer or cabinet, unlike the above pulls. Moreover, you can also use 2 pulls for your drawer or cabinet.

4. Appliance Pulls

Appliances pull often reassemble for a larger version of your drawer and cabinet. They are connected to both the top and bottom sides of your drawer or cabinet. The majority of appliances pull used for wood, metal, or steel materials.

From my point of view, I found two sizes of appliance pulls such as 12″ and 18″. So, you can choose any of them after measuring your appliance pull. I hope that you may also find your question “How big should appliance pulls be?” answer.

Choosing the Right Size of Pulls for Drawers & Cabinets (Rule of Thumb for Drawer Pulls)

How to choose the right size cabinet pulls? It is a common question for the person who wants to reassemble their cabinet or drawer. However, the standard size of cabinet pull ranges between one inch for a small bar, increasing up to 20 inches.

As I told you in the above section not based on the rule of thumb. It was my own experience, and I also used some users ‘ experiences. But the following rules of thumb are also used by manufacturers or also use several brands.

I used this rule of thumb for my home drawers and cabinet, and it terrified me because it is a rocket science rule. So, let’s measure the right size of pulls for your drawer or cabinet.

  • Standard drawer or cabinet up to 30-inch wide drawer and 36-inch for drawer doors: In this measurement, you need to use 3 to 5 inch long pulls (It is the experts choice size).
  • For a Larger Cabinet-drawer 30 inches and doors up to 36-inches: However, you need to use single pulls 5 inches to 12 inches. You can also use 4 to 15 inches.

Benefits of Using Pulls for Both Cabinets and Drawer

When you use both cabinets and drawer pull, it looks much better than others. However, there are couples of benefits you will get from the pulls. The advantages are:

  1. Pulls increase the beauty of your drawer or cabinet.
  2. You can easily open and close your drawer and cabinet.
  3. Helps you easily transfer the drawer and cabinet from one place to another.
  4. If you use appliance pulls or larger pull, then you can also keep your towel or other clothes.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How big should appliance pulls be?

A: It depends on your drawer or cabinet. However, if your drawer or cabinet size is up to 36-inches, I recommend you use two pulls, and the size should be 12 to 18 inches. Or when you want to use only one appliance pull, you can use 3 to 4 inches in the middle of the drawer or cabinet.

Final Words

However, it is not complex to measure the right pull size. I tried my best to clear your confusion about this matter. First of all, check out your pull types, choose the above pull types, and measure the right size. If you don’t measure the size, let me know in the below comment box.

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