Top 7 Best Cabinet Screws for Installing Cabinets in 2023

Best Cabinet Screws

Imagine a scenario where you just bought a new kitchen cabinet. You are all pumped to get it installed. So, you unbox all of the things and get ready toput the parts that need assembling. Now, you find that the manufacturer did not include any screws at all! Well, the case was a bit similar for us.

We found the included screws, but they were so low-quality that they did not even make it into the wood. They broke off right off the bat. So, we had to opt for aftermarket options. But little did we know how low hard it was to find the best cabinet screws. Most offerings were as quality as the included ones.

So, we looked through and secluded all of the promising ones. After tons of head-to-head comparisons, we managed to find out the worthy ones. And to make things easier for you, we will specifically talk about those in this article.

Quick List

In this segment, we will offer a quick look at the options that we have picked for our list. So, let us have a look, shall we?

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7 Best Cabinet Screws

After testing and comparing the strength, quality, and other essential factors, these are the options that we found worthy of the purchase:

1. Jake Sales Head Screw

Jake Sales Head Screw

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Quality was one of the things that we prioritized the most while picking a screw for our list. And this offering from Jake Sales has managed to impress us in that regard.

So, what is so impressive about the fasteners? It utilizes modified truss washers. That makes them achieve a higher level of compression strength. They even have a triple-layer bronze coating, which further enhances durability.

The heat-treated steel has a high shear strength too. As a result, these will protrude through the wood pretty effortlessly.

#10 x 3" Round Washer (Modified Truss) Head Screw Torx/Star Drive Head Wood Screw (5 lbs) Multipurpose Wood Screws for Construction, Cabinets, Furniture & Many Other Wood Screw Applications
  • Screw Dimensions: shaft diameter .19" - height and width .5" - head diameter 0.145" - Use...
  • These screws have a triple layer ACQ compatible bronze coating for exterior or interior...
  • Screws have been through 1,200 Hours of salt spray testing without coating or screw...
  • Modified truss washer head wood screws with have great compression strength

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Pros & Cons

  • Has modified truss washers
  • Boasts high compression strength
  • Features a triple-layer bronze coating
  • Made of heat-treated steel
  • Packs a high shear strength
  • Bronze coating is not long-lasting
  • Does not have that many length options



The truss washer is the main highlight of this offering. It even has a high compression strength. So, handling these on cabinets will be pretty easy.

2. GRK CAB8212B


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While there are many options out there, only a few can prevent the cabinet material from splitting. And this offering from GRK is one of those few.

The screws are pretty thin. This thin nature will make them go through wood without splitting the material. But that does not mean that the fasteners are not durable. In fact, these have a high strength level.

These fasteners even have an efficient washer design. Such a design makes it easier to screw them in place. Also, they will ensure a flush look in the end.


GRK Fasteners 10079 Cabinet #8 x 2-1/2" Screws 1500CT
  • Designed for use in cabinet construction and installation
  • Quick and secure installation
  • Washer head seats flush and increases holding power
  • For interior/exterior use

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Pros & Cons

  • Thin but highly durable
  • Prevents splitting
  • Has a high strength
  • Features an efficient design
  • Offers a flush look
  • The sizes might be a bit small
  • Might not work with some power drivers



The fact these are thin will make them go through the material without splitting it. However, these are reasonably durable and have high strength.



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Wouldn’t it be great if the head of the fasteners did not pull through the panel while you screw them in place? Well, that is what FASTCAP factored in.

These have a large surface area. That prevents the head from pulling through. It also comes in a pack of 50, which means you will have more than what you will require. The quantity even increases the overall value of the package.

Its type 17 auger tip will make it easier to start screwing. These even have a square drive recess design. That design will make these efficiently get into the materials.

FASTCAP PHZ8.3-inch-50PC PowerHead 3-Inch Cabinet Installation Screws, 50-Pack , Zinc
  • Flat head designed for use with Fastcap's peel and stick cover caps
  • Large surface area prevents screw head from pulling through the panel
  • Cutting nibs seat the screw flush with the surface
  • Has a type 17 auger point tip for easy starting, square drive recess

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Pros & Cons

  • Has a large surface area
  • Comes in a pack of 50
  • Offers great value
  • Features a 17 auger tip
  • Sports a square drive recess design
  • Durability level is not that high
  • Only one size option is available



These have a large surface area. That will lower the chances of the head pulling through the panel.

4. Hillman 376250

Hillman 376250

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A higher weight capacity is something we wanted while choosing the screws. And this offering from Hillman excelled in that regard.

The overall construction is made of alloy steel. Such material makes it achieve high strength. It can hold up to 250 pounds of weight. Also, thanks to having higher durability, you can easily remove and reuse these if you want to.

When it comes to the design, the brand paid special attention. The tip will go through different materials pretty easily. And its exterior zinc finish will offer extra strength.

Hillman, White Group 376250 WallDog Cabinet Mounting Screw, 2-1/2-Inch, 2-1/2"
  • Screw and anchor in one
  • Ideal for hanging pictures, decorative shelves, and a variety of other light weight items
  • Drives into drywall, plaster, wood studs, metal studs, brick and concrete
  • Removable and reusable

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Pros & Cons

  • Made of high-quality alloy steel
  • Can hold up to 250 pounds
  • Removable and reusable
  • Has an exceptionally pointy tip
  • Features a zinc finish
  • Available in one size only
  • The exterior coating is not that durable



The durable core will make it hold a high amount of weight. So, you can rely on it fully while setting up cabinets.

5. GRK 120670

GRK 120670

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Stripping is one of the issues that many available offerings are associated with. But this option from GRK is a bit different.

Its head features a recessed star drive. Such a design will lower the chances of stripping. You will even get six points of contact with the driver. These even have a low torque requirement but drive faster.

The washer head offers a flush look, which will make the cabinet look great. And the case hardened steel construction makes these achieve a high shear strength.


GRK 120670#8 x 1-1/2" Low Profile Cabinet Screws - White 80 Count
  • Designed for use in cabinet construction and installation
  • White color provides an ideal finish
  • Quick and secure installation
  • Washer head seats flush and increases holding power

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Pros & Cons

  • Sports a recessed star drive
  • Offers six points of contact
  • Does not strip easily
  • Provides a flush look
  • Made of case hardened steel
  • Only one size option is available
  • Has a less-durable coating



The recessed start drive will lower the possibilities of stripping. It even offers six points of contact. So, handling these will be a child’s play.

6. H.C Pull Machine Screws

H.C Pull Machine Screws

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Having size options is a great thing. And even though many brands do not offer that, E.H.C is not one of them.

First of all, you will find 11 different size options. It will be possible to choose the right one from those options. And the zinc-plated steel construction will surely pass the test of time.

The pack even offers great value. You will get 25 screws per pack. Also, zinc-plating will lower the chances of rust and corrosion occurring.

Knob/Pull Machine Screws 8/32 Thread (25 per Pack) Cabinet Door and Drawer Screws (Choose Your Size) by ZFBB (8-32 x 1")
  • QUALITY: Knob and Pull Screws are zinc-plated steel construction. Zinc-Plated Truss Head...
  • VALUE: No need to run to local Hardware or Big Box Store to look for someone to help you....
  • USES: Common project applications: remodeling, fencing, storage, cabinets, framing and DYI...
  • How many: 1 pack of 25 Truss head combination Phillips #8-32 x 1 in.

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Pros & Cons

  • Available in 11 different sizes
  • Utilizes high-quality steel
  • Features zinc-coating
  • Comes in a pack of 25 screws
  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • The heads are comparatively small
  • Not that resistant to stripping



The available size options will make it easier to get the right size of fasteners. Also, it has a zinc coating that will resist rust and corrosion.

7. WoodPro Fasteners CB8X234

WoodPro Fasteners CB8X234

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On the lookout for fasteners that will drive fast but will not slip from the bit? Take a look at what WoodPro has to offer.

Thanks to the 17 point tip, these will not require you to do any pre-drilling. And for such a design, these will drive faster into the wood. The head will even stay secure with the drill bit.

Its design even makes it slide through different types of wood efficiently. And as the pack comes with 97 pieces, you will be getting a great value out of the pack.

WoodPro Fasteners CB8X234-1 Number-8 by 2-3/4-Inch Cabinet Construction Screws, T20, 1-Pound Net Weight, 97-Piece , Gold
  • #8 x 2-3/4", Includes One 25mm T-20 Star Bit
  • T-20 Star Drive, Torx(tm) Compatible
  • Sharp Type-17 Point
  • PPG Industries 1,000 Hour E-Coat

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Pros & Cons

  • Has 17 point tip
  • Does not require pre-drilling
  • Drives faster into the material
  • The head stays secure
  • Slides through efficiently
  • Does not have a proper coating
  • Only available in one size



The 17 point tip is the main star of the show. These fasteners will drive fast and slide efficiently through the material. So, you will not go wrong!

What to Look for Before Buying?

Yes, we know that our review section has made the choosing process much more manageable for you. However, things can get much easier! How? Well, you would need to keep these factors in mind:


First, consider the overall build. Ensure that the core is of high-quality material, or the fasteners will not have enough shear strength. And that would eventually make you struggle with the installation.


The core material is not enough. You should also check the exterior coating. No matter what, there should be a proper coating. Without that, the screws will not be capable of resisting rust and corrosion.


Another thing that needs to be in your consideration is the size. Ensure that you pick the right size that will suit the cabinet installation. If you get something small, the strength of the cabinet will not be high.


You should also check the design of the head. It needs to offer good contact points. Without a proper head design, you will not be capable of driving the fasteners into the material properly.


For the cabinet, you will require about 10 to 20 screws. However, that will depend on the model. But that does not mean that you should opt for the options that come in small quantities. We have found that the ones that include loads of fasteners offer great value.

You can even use these fasteners for other projects in the future. Considering that, we would recommend opting for packs that have a high count.

Torque and Speed

We have noticed that some options have a low torque requirement but drive fast into the materials. Those can make the project feel effortless. So, our recommendation would always stick with them.

Cabinet Screw vs. Regular Screw

So, why should you opt for a dedicated fastener when you can work with the regular screws? Well, there are a couple of reasons why you should always pick cabinet screws to fix cabinets. Let us give you a proper idea regarding the topic.


The regular fasteners will usually have a flat head. Now, this head style is not bad, but these are more prone to stripping. In comparison, the cabinet screws will feature a star-style head. And those are less likely to strip easily.


In most cases, the regular screws will not come with a washer. Now, why do you need a washer in the first place? Well, washers ensure that the surface does not get damaged while you are screwing in the fastener. And the cabinet screws will come with washers.


The regular screws will mostly be black. In comparison, the cabinet screws will be gold in color for most cases. Now, this difference is not that significant, but it is a way to differentiate a regular screw from the cabinet ones. Also, not all of the cabinet fasteners will have a gold color.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use regular screws for installing cabinets?

You can, but you should not. The regular screws will have a flat head, which is prone to stripping. Also, there will be no washer. Without a washer, the wood of the cabinet can get damaged.

  • Do all cabinet screws have a coating on them?

Good ones will come with an exterior coating. The coating is there to prevent rust and corrosion. However, some of the options might not come with a coating.

  • Are all cabinet screws gold in color?

Not really! Some of the cabinet screws will have a different color. In fact, some will look just like the regular screws. However, if you take a closer look, the cabinet fasteners will have a washer and a star head.

  • How many screws do I need to install a cabinet?

That will vary from one cabinet to another. Some will require 10, while some will require more than 15. So, we would highly recommend reading the instructions to determine how many fasteners you need.

  • Should I purchase cabinet screws in bulk?

You can use cabinet screws in other projects. Also, the packages that include a bulk amount of fasteners will offer better value. For that reason, we would recommend purchasing in bulk.

  • Can I Use Dry-wall Screws for Cabinets?

Yes, you can use drywall screws for cabinets, but it’s not recommended. Drywall screws are designed to fasten drywall to studs, and they’re not as strong as cabinet screws. Cabinet screws have a thicker shank and a sharper point, which makes them better suited for fastening cabinets to the wall.

Final Words

The best cabinet screws will ensure fluidity and efficiency in the project. You will not have to worry about damaging the surface, nor will you need to think about whether the fasteners will strip or not. And we can assure you that you can expect to get higher overall performance from each of the options we reviewed.


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