How to Add Shelves to a Closet Without Drilling? – Simple Method

How to add shelves to a closet without drillingDo you want to know how to add shelves to a closet without drilling? To save some space in your Cozy  Rent-House then you’re in the right place.

Having Big closets or cabinets can be troublesome if you are a renter. Sometimes, the closet gets too big for you to keep it in the rental place and gets in the way. Further, you don’t want to feel suffocating in your rental with stuff scattered everywhere so you need to increase space.

Thereby, you can do more using a small closet with more shelves to leave some space for a breather. So, we will acknowledge you with the way you can add shelves to a Closet without drilling. You’ll use shelf support or pegs with our DIY method of adding an extra Shelf, and you’ll get it done quickly and easily.

How to Add Shelves to a Closet Without Drilling? – Using Pegs

Well, the method we are going to share with you is Quite compatible with cabinets as well. So, if you are wondering about how to add shelves to a cabinet without drilling? Just follow the same guidelines.

Thereby, some closet consists of Predrilled Shelf holes in both of the sides of the closet. If your closet is one of them, Then this method is just right for you.

  1. First, get some more tiny little closet shelf Pegs/Studs that just fit right inside of that hole.
  2. Then, set the Studs right into the predrilled holes of the closet. These will process as the supporters of the new shelf.
  3. After that, take out one of the existing shelves from the hour closet.
  4. Then go to any melamine depot shop or wood board/ plywood shop and get some board sheets.
  5. Thereby, we recommend you for buying a melamine board sheet as it is more economical and sturdy. ( Also from one melamine sheet you can get 3-4 shelves for your closet).
  6. Right after you buy a melamine board, you can have the seller cut the board into pieces without any charges.
  7. So, have them cut the sheet to the same size and ratio to fit right inside the Closet.
  8. In case your Closet or cabinet is a bit wonky then scale the difference beforehand and cut the shelves according to accurate sizes for no issues.
  9. Lastly, put the shelves on top of the CLOSET SHELVES Pegs that you put into the predrilled holes of the Closet, and there you go.

 But if you do not have Predrilled Holes in your Closet or you don’t find pegs to be reliable, Then the next method to add more shelves in your closet/ Cabinet is the perfect process for you.

To add shelves to a closet without drilling watch this video

How to Install Shelves In Your Closet Without Drilling? – Without Any Tools!

Before you head off to the best way to add extra shelves into a closet just hold on a bit. You will need to check on your Closet to be in precise straight alignment from top to bottom and from the inside-out.

That is why, first, measure on the insides and tops of the Closet. Well start with the top of the Closet and do some measuring in the bottom part as well. Because many times the distance of the sides of the Closet are not (90°) straight. Then from top to bottom, the measurement discerns quite a bit. So, if you do not measure and get the same sized shelves you may get into trouble.

Further, not only measure to the front side’s top to bottom also measure in the back of the closet. It’s better to go ahead and cut a square that’s going to have a little wiggle room in one go the corners than for it to be too tight. So, you need to measure all four areas –

  • Side to side in the back
  • Side to side across the front
  • Then calculate the distance from top to bottom of the closet

Then we can decide what distance we will use for the shelves.

So, for now, we are going to tell you how to add extra shelves in the closet without any drilling very quickly. Thus, the steps for how to install shelves in your Closet is below –

  1. First, go to any shop from where you can get melamine boards and buy as much as you require in feet.
  2. After that, you can get the board cut into shelve pieces according to the measurements of your closet. ( I got the board cut into 6 pieces for me, one piece was 28 ¼, the other piece was 28 1/3 regarding my wonky closet’s measures. Lastly, the other four pieces in 8 inches with one side kind of rounded and the other side square to work as the supports of the extra shelf).
  3. Take the cut shelves back into the home and paint the pieces in any color you want to or use the shelves’ wrapping paper. (I kept them in the initial white, I like it that way).
  4. Now, take the two pieces you cut for use as supports. Then put each on one side of the closets. Therefore with the rounded edges visible to the front and set them right in
  5. You might be worried about the supports being moving you can use a command strip and stick it where the support and the closet are attached. Then press it to be firm and supports will never wobble.
  6. Afterwards, take the extra piece of the shelf you will add to the closet then put it on the supports. Now, bam! You successfully added the extra shelf to your Closet. (Again be sure to put in the proper size of the shelf regarding your measures).
  7. Again, with the Two supports and a piece of the shelf, you can proceed with the same steps or you can add more shelves as well.

As you can see that very quickly and easily you could install extra shelves in your closet without any tool. So, now you got more suitable spaces in your closet to put the stuff or things you want to keep.

Furthermore, you can try this guideline for Adding shelves to cabinets with no tools! And save more space for other things.

Final Conclusion

I hope this guideline for adding closet shelves without drilling encouraged you. Therefore, you are prepared to reconstruct your closet with one or two or more shelves. Further, adding more shelves is simple yet quite helpful for organizing your essential equipment.

So, even though you got a tight space issue you will do great with additional shelves in your cabinet and closet. Moreover, remember to share these quick and amazing tips with your fellow renters. That way, you can help them to enhance the most out of their tiny cozy place just like yours.

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