How Long Does a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Last?

How Long Does a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Last?

The robotic vacuum cleaner is an innovative sensor-based device to clean home dust accurately. It is getting incredibly popular because of the automatic and decent cleaning. But there has a hot question for the robotic vacuum customer how long do robotic vacuum cleaners last?

A robotic vacuum cleaner can last 4 to 6 years with proper maintenance. But the life expectancy of a robotic vacuum cleaner might decrease for careless negligence. Brush, channel, battery, filter and Receptacle replacement can increase the lifetime of a robotic clear.

In this guide, we have talked about how long does a Roomba last? How to increase the lifetime of a robotic vacuum and tips to use a robotic vacuum cleaner. So, let’s get started.

How long does a robotic vacuum cleaner last?

It is being said that robotic vacuum cleaner lifespan depends on maintenance. But there have some co-factors, including robotic cleaner lifespan. How often are you using a robotic vacuum, the dust level of your floor, and what branded and priced robotic cleaner are you using? These factors also have an impact on a robotic vacuum cleaner’s durability.

Generally, you can hope to use a robotic vacuum cleaner for up to six years. But if you use it more frequently, the general lifespan might decrease. On the contrary, the general lifespan could increase if you use it rarely.

Similarly, a robotic cleaner can damage soon if there have much dust, longer hair fur, and larger contaminates. So, using a robotic cleaner for decent dust can prolong your Roomba cleaner. Besides, robotic vacuum cleaner lifespan might decrease or increase based on the brand and price. A reputed brand always produces the best robot vacuum with durability. On the other hand, you will get fewer advantages from a cheap Wyze robot vacuum.

How to Increase the Lifetime of A Robotic Vacuum?

Here are some crucial steps you can take to make your robotic vacuum prolonged. We mainly discuss some parts replacement.

Battery Replacement:

Usually, a robotic vacuum can run for 1-2 years with a battery. When you notice that the vacuum doesn’t work, replace the battery for better service.

Channel Replacement:

You can replace the robotic vacuum when you change the brushes. Or you can replace the channel individually. The replacement time could be less or less, depending on the sensitivity. If you notice serious sensitivity in breathing, change the channel after changing brushes. Usually, a channel needs to replace after each 3.5 years interval.

Brush Replacement:

It is important to replace a robotic vacuum at a regular interval. It is good practice to change the vacuum brushes after every six months. You can also manually clean the stuck hair and fur from the brushes.

Bin Replacement:

Bin replacement is another good way to keep a robotic vacuum cleaner long-lasting. Here, the bin is where the robotic cleaner motor has stored. With time, dust, dirt and hair can accumulate around the motor. Even sometimes, dust can stop the motor from running. If you observe that the robot vacuum creates less noise, it is time to replace the motor bin.

Filter Replacement:

Filter replacement time would depend more or less on the user’s need. For example, an allergy sufferer should change the robotic vacuum filter every six months. On the contrary, the general user can use a filter for up to 1 year.

Tips for using a robotic vacuum cleaner

Following some tips before using a Robotic vacuum cleaner is essential. Here are some common but important tips for using a robotic cleaner.

  • Avoid frequent use because it can damage the internal machine parts soon. At the same time, the motor can damage by overusing.
  • Don’t leave robotic vacuum for long time without using. It can cause dust to accumulate, damage the machine or cause the motor to get stuck.
  • Use the robotic vacuum cleaner after knowing the floor dust condition. Excess dust floor can cause damage.
  • Based on your budget, always try to go for a good branded robotic cleaner.
  • Avoid buying cheaper prices robotic cleaners. Remember that it is a highly technological device that would be a bit pricy. It’s normal.
  • Remember That excess heat and cold are harmful to the robotic vacuum cleaner. So, Store a robotic cleaner in a shady place.


  • How many years will a Roomba last?

Remember that lifespan of a robotic vacuum depends on proper maintenance. Besides, the Roomba build quality also defines the lifespan of a robotic vacuum. On average, a Roomba can last longer, about two to6 years. So, take care of your robotic vacuum to make it more prolonged than six years.

  • Are robot vacuums worth the money?

Robot vacuums can’t place the space of a traditional vacuum. But a robot vacuum is a worthy choice for occasional deep cleaning. When it comes to the point of money worthy, yes, it is money worthy. This device can run automatically and work more efficiently than traditionally. So, I am worthy of money.

  • How many hours will a Roomba last?

Do you know how long a Roomba charge lasts? For your concern, a Roomba vacuum lasts up to 2 hours. However, you can recharge it earlier than 2 hours.

  • How long does a shark robot vacuum last?

Shark is one of the most improved versions of a robotic vacuum. It has multiple sensor systems to map out the room space. So, it allows you to control the device as per your need. Good to know that a shark robot vacuum can last five to seven years.

Final Notes:

I hope you got the point: how long do robotic vacuum cleaners last? We are repeating for your convenience that robotic vacuum cleaners can last 2 to 6 years. But proper care and maintenance can make this device prolonged. Also, note that there has the best quality shark robotic vacuum cleaner. Shark robotic cleaner can last up to 7 years. So, remember that robotic cleaner quality and maintenance can make this device long-lasting.

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