How Much Space to Leave for Drawer Slides? – Beginners Guidelines

Well, it doesn’t matter whether you have the knowledge and installation experience about measuring for cabinet drawer slides. Therefore, the same goes for calculating how much space to leave for drawer slides for a perfect setting-up.

To be precise, first, you need to proceed with the setup instructions with the hardware to use for installation. Also, maintain the proper cabinet drawer overlay, and the perfect hardware of drawer slides according to the overlay.

Further, after all of these are complete you’re going to need to measure the cabinet drawer size regarding the type of drawer slides. Then finally, you can only focus on how much space you need to leave for drawer slides.

Thereby, as a beginner, you might find this too much but don’t worry. Just follow through our instructions and you’re all set.

Why Do You Need Spaces Between Drawer Slides and Drawer Box? or How Much Space to Leave for Drawer Slides

As we mentioned previously there is not much tricky or heavy task when it comes to setting up the cabinet with drawers. Thereby, you just need the right measurements of cabinet drawer boxes, cabinet overlay door, and lastly proper drawer slides. You can simply install the drawer slides while keeping appropriate space between each drawer slide. Well, the reason you need to leave space for drawer slides is –

  • As the width and the thickness of the drawer slides are unchangeable the best way to create a drawer box to fit the cabinet assembling.
  • Measuring for the drawer box and fit it with the discrepancy of the slides and box after setting up the cabinet is better to avoid casualties.
  • Different types of cabinet drawer slides require some mounting spaces on each side and bottom of the cabinet drawer.

Hereby, these are the pretty many reasons you need to leave spaces for drawer slides. As well regarding the different drawer slides you use for setting up drawer boxes, the space requirements are also individual.

So, let’s get ahead and learn more about the types of drawer slides and the mounting space requirements.

How to install drawer slide

Measuring Cabinet Drawer Slides – How to Measure Drawer Width for Slides

Typically, there are 5 individual types of drawer slides, you use for installing drawer boxes. These are–

  1. Bottom Mount Drawer Slides.
  2. Side Mount Drawer Slides.
  3. Center Mount Drawer Slides.
  4. Ball Bearing Drawer Slides.
  5. Soft Close Ball Bearing Drawer Slides.

Even though there are a variety of many types of drawer slides available for cabinet drawers. We mostly utilize the Bottom Mount, Side Mount, and the Center-Mount drawer slides.

Further, the drawer opening and the overlay of the three cabinet slides are discerning from one another. Now, let’s acknowledge about spaces you need to leave or how much the drawer box should be smaller than the cabinet opening where it gets assembled.

Bottom Mount Drawer Slides

The most usual kitchen cabinets are mostly under mount drawer openings. The bottom mount takes the support of the face frame sides with a sturdy jamb. Moreover, it is quite easy to install. You can create any width of drawers and set up it with an Under Mount. However, the general width for the cabinet opening for Under Mount, the drawer is typically smaller by 3/4 inches in total from both sides.

Maintain the 1/2″ (13 mm) narrow space on both of the sides of the slide, 1/4″ (7 mm) space for the bottom of the drawer box, 5/8″ (16 mm) space for the top of the drawer box. To be more exact you need to build the drawer 10 1/2 inches in width in case the opening of the drawer box is 12 inches in size.

Center Mount Drawer Slides

Like its name, the Center mount drawer slides are installed underneath the center of the drawer box. Further, it is very simple to install in any cabinet drawers. Therefore, we mostly use the center mount slides for the drawer that are utilized for less heavy keepings. The center mount drawers are also quite light and easily matched with any joints of cabinets.

You need to build the drawer 1/4” (.64 cm) narrower from the size of the cabinet opening. Also, the height of the sides of the drawer must be 3/8” (.95 cm) smaller than the cabinet opening.

Side Mount Drawer Slides

The only individuality you will see in the Side Mount cabinet drawer slides that the box openings dislodge with the assembled opening of cabinets. Further, the sides of the drawer box get attached with slides of the drawer. Also, sides attach with the inner jamb of the cabinet. Thereby, for the Side Mount slides, you have to make 3/16 inches reduced opening from each side of the cabinet.

½” (13 mm) left space on each side of the slides, ¼” (7 mm) tiny space for the bottom of the box, and 5/8” (16 mm) clearance for the top of the drawer box. In precision, for the 12 inches wide drawer opening the box must be 11 5/8 inches.

Final Thoughts

We provided you with the most accurate details you need to know about this topic. Therefore, you can use the measurements precisely and make your cabinet with any type of mount slides you want to without any issues.

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