Soft Close vs Self Close Drawer Slides?

Soft Close vs. Self Close Drawer Slides

Sometimes a subtle change can bring you so much ease and efficiency, you forget how much effort or money it took to bring that change. As you are looking to know the differences between a soft-close and a self-close drawer, or which one would provide more value for your money, you are definitely the kind of person who prefers quality products over cheap and fragile ones.

Because the differences between these two types of drawer slides are very subtle, you will love to know how these subtle differences can keep the drawers, cabinets, or desks intact.

Soft-Close vs. Self-Close Drawer Slides

It will be more difficult to slide into and out of your cabinet, desk, or wardrobe if you have an old cabinet, desk, or wardrobe that has normal drawer glides. Jamming occurs so often in those drawer glides that everyone is switching to self-close drawer slides. What is a self-close drawer slide then?

Well, it is a kind of drawer slide often with some wheels that helps the drawer move in and out effortlessly. There is also a spring mechanism involved to let the drawer close on its own. That’s what makes it a self-close drawer slide.

A soft-close drawer slide is basically the same as a self-close drawer. It can close on its own and no effort is required to do so. To add more to that, it comes with a damper mechanism which helps the drawer slower a bit while closing. It prevents any potential damage to the drawer as well as the things in it. It also keeps the drawer from making any sort of noise while closing.

Is It Still Worth Buying a Self-Close Drawer?

Although it does not have a damper mechanism that prevents damage and noise, you can still use self-close slides on applications such as medical drawers or waste bins, or even plastic boxes. Moreover, if noises are not a big concern for you, you can use self-close slides as a great substitute for soft-close drawer slides. Needless to say, self-close slides are cheaper than soft-close ones. Plus, you have a variety of mounting options to choose the right one for drawers in respective drawers.

Are Soft-Close Drawers Really Any Better?

A soft-close drawer slide is an upgraded version of self-close drawer slides. However, a soft-close slide comes with much more ease and quietness. With a combination of spring and damper mechanism, a soft-close drawer closes gently without making any noise.

Besides, the mechanism is perfect for preventing any sort of damage that could occur due to a strong force applied by you when closing the drawer. If there are children around who may use those drawers or purposelessly open them, a soft-close drawer may be safe for them. Plus, you can also protect your delicate and fragile items thanks to this little technology.

Soft-Close vs. Self-Close: Cost-effective Drawer Slides

If you are on a budget but want to buy a set of durable drawer slides, self-close drawer slides are a good option for you. However, if you are ready to spend a little bit more, you can buy a set of soft-close drawer slides.

You can hardly find any difference between these two types of drawer slides in terms of durability or longevity. However, if you love to spend on the safety of your children, or to have a quiet home or office environment, soft-close is probably the most cost-effective option. Because it is not only about the money you now pay,  it’s also about how much of your money is being saved in the long run.


Since you are less likely to change drawer slides every now and then, it’s wise to choose the right one once and forever. If you can distinguish the items based on ‘what is made for what’, you can easily choose the right drawer slides for your wardrobe, cabinet, and whatnot.

In conclusion, I think you have gained sufficient knowledge about soft-close vs. self-close drawer slides to choose the best one for a reasonable price.

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