What Is the Standard Depth of a Dresser Drawer [Manufacturer’s Report]

what is the standard depth of a dresser drawerWhat is the standard depth of a dresser drawer? A dresser drawer is defined as a piece of furniture that has 6 to 9 drawers. The drawers are roughly deep, perfect width, and also have so many features. But we discuss here the standard depth of a dresser drawer.

I was studying this topic. I was terrified to find the standard deep of a dresser drawer. Though different people say different deep measurements, when I match all of the information, I saw that the standard depth of a dresser is 20-inch. So, you can say that the standard depth of a dresser drawer is 20-inch.

What Is the Standard Depth of a Dresser Drawer?

The overall standard measurement of a dresser drawer is 60-inch wide, 20-inch deep, and 30-inch tall. Moreover, the drawer depth or height is not a complex thing. But the most common difference between a drawer and an opening is 3/4 inch.

For example, if the drawer opening measurement is 4-inch vertically, then the drawer should be made 3 1/4 inches. However, let’s check out the following measurement, which is countable for a dresser drawer.

Measurement of Dresser Drawers (Height, Width, And Depth)

Before you purchase or make a dresser drawer, you should know the measurement of your dresser drawer. I am discussing here a dresser drawer standard height, width, and depth so that you can easily measure your dresser drawer. So, let’s discuss this in detail.

1. Depth of Dresser Drawer

When choosing a dresser drawer for your bedroom, office, or other areas to use, you should keep in mind the standard depth of your dresser. However, you can choose a dresser drawer depth between 20-inch to 36-inch.

But most of the manufacturers used 20-inch each of drawer depth.

2. Width

There are different types of widths I found when I selected a dresser drawer. But you may find three different sizes of dresser drawers such as 18-inch, 26-inch, and 30-inch. So, if you want to maintain the standard width of a dresser drawer, then you can choose these three widths.

3. Height of Dresser Drawer

Height is a very sensitive fact for dresser drawers. I don’t recommend you to search for the standard height of a dresser drawer. Why? Because the height depends on your space window, wall, and some other things. So, you need to measure your window, wall, and other things and then choose the perfect height of a dresser drawer.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How is a drawer depth measured?

A: Measure the drawer opening height and subtract at least 1/2 inch from the opening. For example, if your drawer opening measurement is 3 3/4-inch, then you need to 3 1/2-inch down box. However, when you measure the depth, you should subtract 1-inch from the length.

Final Verdict

A person needs to choose the right size dresser drawer. Different manufacturers use different depths, widths, and heights. It is perfect for you when you know your room or space measurement and also know where you use the dresser drawer.

I hope that the above measurements help you a lot to calculate your dresser drawer size perfectly. If you still have confusion about this matter, then you will let me know in the below comment box.

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