How To Measure A Dresser?

How To Measure A Dresser?

Dresser is one of those components that should fit perfectly in your bedroom. In the ocean of various sizes and heights in dressers, you should find the perfect one that can fit in your space. You can know by measuring the dresser before getting it for your bedroom.

How to measure a dresser? To get the perfect measurements, you need to measure the dresser’s height, width, and length. Besides, measurement should be perfect with the right measuring tool to ensure it will fit perfectly in your bedroom.

In this article, you will know how to measure a dresser correctly. And you can measure furniture dimensions using the following method.

When Measuring A Dresser, What Comes First?

Dresser is for storing clothes, and it comes in various shapes. However, there will always be the exact dimensions. Usually, you go for the height, width, and length. Here you should go for the length first, then height, and finally the width.

Why? Dressers are usually larger in length than height. And it is the perfect way to take measurements of a dresser to find the right one for your space. Height is how tall the dresser is from the floor. And the length is the distance from one side to another. Moreover, the distance from the dresser’s front to the backside is its width.

How To Measure A Dresser?

Before you think about measuring a piece of furniture, use the right type of measuring tape to ensure the perfect measurements. These measurements take in-inch tapes, whether they need to take dresser dimensions in inches or feet.

Although various types of dressers are available in the market, you have to follow the same procedure to ensure the proper measurements. If your dresser is too long, take help from someone to measure it.

So, go side by side and measure the length of the dresser. Make sure to keep the measuring tape straight to get the right number.

Then, measure the height of the dresser. However, some of the dressers come with mirrors. So, you have to measure that too, because you need to make sure the space for that mirror too. Otherwise, you will not get the right height for the dresser.

Now, measure the width. When measuring the width, keep at least one inch of space on the back to ensure the proper fitting in your space. Also, you have to measure the drawer dimension alongside the dresser. Drawer dresser dimensions go together to calculate the correct space that is needed for placing that dresser in your bedroom.

However, you only need the drawer width to calculate the overall width of the dresser when you open the drawer. If there is an obstacle between that width, you will not be able to open the dresser. So, it makes sense to add the drawer’s depth with the dresser’s width to measure the proper dimension of your dresser. After measuring it, you can convert dresser dimensions into feet.

Things To Consider When Measuring A Dresser

It is not rocket science to measure a dresser. However, you have to keep in mind a few things to take the proper measurements. Let’s take a look at the factors that you need to consider.

Measure Twice

Always keep the tape straight when you are measuring your dresser. Take help from others if needed, but keep it straight to get accurate measurements. Also, measure twice to ensure the correct measurement.

Place Your Dresser on A Flat Surface

Always put your dresser on a flat surface, especially when measuring height.  Whether you need dresser dimensions in feet or inches, you have to measure it correctly. In addition, if the dresser has a mirror attached, you should take measurements from the top of the mirror.

Never Forget To Measure Drawers

It is the most common error used to happen when measuring the dresser. If you do not take into account the measurements of the drawers, you may not be able to open them freely. So, you should measure it separately and then add it to the dresser’s width.  However, the dresser drawer height is not that important.

Keep Extra Space

Always measure some extra inches if you are buying a dresser to fit it perfectly in your room. For example, if you have 4 feet of space, your dresser should be 3 feet 10 inches or somewhere around it. It is not about snug fit; you should open and close the dresser comfortably.


There are various dresser models available in the market. And you should get one that fits perfectly in your space. That you can ensure by measuring the dresser before purchasing it. Always go for the height, length, and width of the dresser while keeping the drawer in mind.

If you follow the above method, you will be able to take measurements of any furniture around. And for the dresser, if that has a mirror attached, you should measure the height of that mirror too. Some dressers have arch mirrors, and you have to take measurements from the highest point of the mirror.

That is all about how to measure a dresser or any other piece of furniture to place it perfectly without hassling a lot.

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