What Is a Dresser with a Mirror Called [10 Different Dressers]

What is a dresser with a mirror calledIt is troublesome to don’t know the dresser’s mirror name because of buying the right dresser with a mirror. My mom and I went to go market to buy a dresser with a mirror, but we didn’t explain to the seller which types of the dresser we wanted to buy. We also didn’t know that a dresser with a mirror also has a name.

Well, after that, I knew a dresser with a mirror called Bureau. Moreover, you see the term dresser, which is actually a form of “dressing table” or “lowboy.” These terms are actually correct for American collectors. They also called it Bureau.

What Is a Dresser with a Mirror Called?

In Aisa, America, and Europe, a dresser with a mirror is called a dressing table, or some manufacturers also called it vanity. All of the terms are right, but I mostly use the dressing table. You should not forget that the dresser with a mirror is also called Bureau.

Different Types of Dressers Names

Dressers have many names in the market, which comes from the very past. In this article, you will discover some most popular names of the dresser and their name. So, let’s check out the following list.

1. Standard Horizontal Dresser

It is a traditional dresser which comes from very past. It is horizontally oriented, contains two columns of dressers, and squat in profile. You will use this type of dresser when you have enough space in your room, office, or other areas.

2. Standard Vertical Chest

If you want dresser designs for a bedroom that has little space, then a vertical chest is one of the best choices for you. The vertical chest is also known as a tallboy. And it is much taller than a standard horizontal dresser.

3. Combo Dresser

Generally, a combo dresser design is, a fact, two major elements. Most of them come with a standard tallboy with a horizontal dresser. Moreover, you will get more storage options from a combo dresser than some other dresser.

4. Traditional Dresser Style

However, the traditional dresser style is timeless, detailed look, constructed with carved wood, a bit of embellishment, and straight-line or general shape. Though it is not much popular nowadays, so many people use this dresser.

5. Gentleman Dresser

The gentleman dresser is designed with some drawers on the left and large vertically oriented cabinet doors. This dresser easily holds huge suits, pants, and other clothes. I always recommend this type of dresser suits and pants.

6. Rattan/Wicker Dresser

Rattan or wicker dresser made with woven material that can be crafted by natural plastics or fiber. It is one of the best choices for people who are completely disturbed by stains, moisture, bad smell, and some other harmful elements.

7. Leather Dresser

You have already known that dressers are made of wood, metal, and plastic. But you may wonder know that a dresser is also made of leather—generally, the leather is used for a rich look and long-time use.

8. Modern Dresser

This type of dresser comes from 20 century. It looks clean, futuristic, and like a mirror look. You will also discover huge storage on this dresser. But modern dresser is used for stylish and decorate the room or office or other areas.

9. Bachelor’s Dresser

Bachelor’s is a single column of the dresser, and it is designed for limited space. It looks narrow and tall. If your space is horizontal, then you can consider this bachelor’s dresser for your space.

10. Lingerie or Semainier Dresser

This is my final selection for you. A lingerie dresser is also known as a Semainier dresser. It holds 7 drawers which means each day of the week. This design is tallboy, long, and has in-depth space.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What is the top of a dresser called?

A: The straightforward answer is highboy. The top dresser is known as a highboy. Moreover, you can also say the top dresser chest-on-chest. There are some other names I found which are not much popular nowadays.

Q: What is a desk with a mirror called?

A: It is called the low body, which is an American collector’s term. However, so many manufacturers and users called bureau dresser with mirror.

Q: What is another name of the dresser?

A: There are couple of synonyms of dresser such as:

Final Verdict

Generally, a dresser with a mirror is called a dressing table,  bureau, and lowboy. I hope that the terms help you to call the dresser with a mirror easily. If you want to design your space with a dresser, make sure that you will choose the right mirror with the dresser and called the right name.

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