What is the Difference Between a Dresser and a Chest of Drawers [7 Fundamental Difference]

what is the difference between a dresser and a chest of drawersA common debate comes from the very past: “what is the difference between  a dresser and a chest of drawers.” Several people provided several opinions when I had selected a dresser or a chest. Actually, I was confused about selecting one from them.

Well, I found some fundamental differences between them and I think the information helps you a lot to differentiate between them easily. So, let’s get started with the article. Keep reading to find out the difference between them.

What is the Difference Between a Dresser and a Chest of Drawers?

According to my experience, I found 7 fundamental differences between them. Each of the information helps you to get a clear concept about them. So, let’s check out the point.

1. Arrangement (Dresser Vs. Chest)

To a dresser, its shape is horizontal. I did not find a vertical dresser. So, it is true that a dresser is always horizontal. On the other hand, a chest is a vertical arrangement. If your space is very small, then you can select a chest to save the space.

2. Stand for Chest Vs. Dresser

The dresser is actually an abbreviation from the term. It also looks like a dressing table. Whatever a chest of drawers is literary a chest of drawers. Dresser takes some extra space and covers much space, which the chest easily avoids.

3. Moveable Facilities

A dresser is never intended to be carried about as luggage easily and comfortably. If you want to change or carry the dresser frequently, I think you should avoid it. On the other hand, you can easily pack the chest instead of suitcases.

4. Attach Mirror

If you have a dresser, then you can attach the mirror. But when you have a chest, it may be complicated to attach a mirror. Or to choose a dresser or chest with a mirror, I recommend you to choose a dresser to attach the dresser.

5. Low Boy Vs. Tall Boy

A dresser is called a “low boy,” and a chest is called a tall boy. The low boy means it is suitable for a short person, and the tall boy means the chest is suitable for a tall person. Though it has not any rules of thumb, people are talking about it like roaming.

6. Purpose of Use (Dresser Vs. Chest)

Generally, the dresser is used for makeup boxes, wear, cloth, and fashion accessories. But you can use the chest for storage only. You can get vast space or storage from a chest. Overall, a dresser is suitable for multiple uses.

7. Durability

I didn’t find any fundamental difference in durability. But the chest is more durable than the dresser because of its compact, safely portable, and hassle-free professional installation.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What is called a chest of drawers?

A: Generally, a chest of drawers is called a chest of drawers, and it was built in the 17th century. In the 1680’s century,y chest was called drawers. On the other hand, it is also called a tall boy because of its long and vertical shape.

Q: Should I get a chest or dresser?

A: It depends on the space where you want to install the furniture. However, if you have a small space, I prefer you to choose a chest, or if you have long or horizontal space, it is awesome for you to choose a dresser.

Q: Do all dressers have mirrors?

A: No, the dresser does not need mirrors. It isn’t very easy to set up a mirror on the dresser. If you want to anchor a mirror, it is better to move on your chest.

Final Verdict

Dresser Vs. Chest is a common debate. If you are a new person, it may be a common thing that across with confusion. My suggestion is to choose a chest when you have less amount of space and want to take vast storage. Or when you want to decorate your room with fashionable elements or make the furniture like a makeup box, then you can choose a dresser.

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