How to Fix Dresser Drawers That Fall Off Track [2 Effective Methods]

how to fix dresser drawers that fall off trackNo doubt, a dresser drawer is an essential element for a room, office room, and some other areas. But it is frustrating when the dresser drawer fall of track. There are two types of dresser drawers such as wood and metal.

Which one you have? Well, in this article, you will get two methods of solving your fall off track from your dresser drawers. So, it doesn’t matter which types of dresser drawer you have. You just have to need to follow some steps. So, let’s get started with the step-by-step guide.

Why Dresser Drawers That Fall Off Track?

First of all, we need to know why the dresser drawer fell off track. However, it happens when you jerk on the drawer, slam it shut, overloaded, wears out, abuse, and some other things. On the other hand, the roller detaches from the track of the drawer.

Or an old drawer – the wooden tenon comes out of the mortise of your drawer. You may find some other factors to solve the question of how to fix dresser drawers that slide open.

But these reasons are the main reasons to fall track of a dresser drawer.

How to Fix Dresser Drawers That Fall Off Track? [2 Methods Need to Follow]

I have a drawer, and around 4-months ago, I found that my dresser drawer falls off track. I contacted with manufacturer, and plumbers, and I also research this matter to solve the problem. Finally, I found an effective solution which I let you know in this article step-by-step.

Method 1: Fix Your Wooden Dresser Drawers Track

do you Have a wooden dresser drawer, and you are frustrated that you fall off track of your dresser drawer? If yes, apply the below steps and solve your issue right now.

Step 1:

Remove the drawer from your dresser. If you find your drawers stuck halfway out, then tape the sides of your drawer from left to right. You don’t need to force it; you should release it gently.  Remove everything from your drawer.

Step 2:

Now, you should align the tenons with the Mortises. Generally, the tenons are small and compact that strip the wood on the sides of the drawer or side opening of the drawer. You just need to align the tenons with the mortises.

Step 3:

Finally, hold the drawer up to the dresser or cabinet to open with one hand on each side of the drawer as if you just pull the drawer out from the dresser. After completing the steps, you should position the end of the tenons with grooves or mortises.

Anyhow, insert the tenons into the mortises. Now, you can slide your drawer into the dresser. Hey! You already have fixed the fall-off-track issues of your wooden dresser drawer.

Method 2: Fix Track of Metal Dresser Drawer

You reach out in this section that means you have a metal dresser drawer and wanted to solve the tracking problem. Am I right? If yes, follow the below simple steps. If you also have a question about how to fix dresser drawers that fall out? Then this section is also essential for you.

Step 1:

Like a wooden dresser drawer, you should remove the drawer from the dresser. If the drawer is stuck halfway out, tape the drawer’s sides from both left and right sides. Pull out the drawers gently. Remove all of the elements from the drawer.

Step 2:

When you have a metal dresser, that means you have some screws and bolts. Tighten the screws in the runners of the drawer. And the dresser opening using a screwdriver. Keep working, and don’t forget to tighten the track of your dresser drawer.

Step 3:

Hold the drawer with both your hands. Hold up the drawer 30-degrees from the ground. Find out one small slot on the left and right dresser runners in front. On the other hand, you may discover some small rollers on the end of the metal drawer runners at the back.

Step 4:

Now, it is time to tip the drawer back down flat as runners enter the slots of the drawer. Check out your drawer shape, horizontal or vertical. You may find each of the shapes back into the cabinet.


If you have any troubleshooting drawer slides placing the rollers into the slots, then you should wiggle the drawer back and forth gently until the rollers engage with the tracks; after that, push your drawer in. Through these tips, you will also solve your question about how to fix drawer runners.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do you put a drawer back on track?

A: You will put a drawer back on track to tile the front of the drawer up at 30-degrees. Locate one small slot on the left and right of the drawer. There are also have small rollers on the back of the drawer. Now, you should slip the roller on the back of the drawer into the slots of the dresser runners.

Final Verdict

It is really frustrating to find the drawers of the dresser as a fall off track. The issue damages your dresser drawers and damages your content, which you keep on the drawers.

However, choose your dresser drawer types, wood or metal, and then take action. I tried to apply each of the steps properly, and I practically did the job. So, why are you late? fix the error right now.

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