How to Stack Filing Cabinets-Pro Tips

How to Stack Filing Cabinets

When you have too many files to put in one filing cabinet, you can’t help but buy another. But that’s not where the problem ends; it’s just the beginning. There may not be a large space, or you cannot put them all over the place.

Then, you will have to think about stacking the filing cabinets. The question may arise: ‘Can you really stack your filing cabinets?’ or, ‘How to stack filing cabinets?’

If you are dealing with the same issue, here is where you find a solution. Let’s learn the art of stacking filing cabinets.

How to Stack Filing Cabinets: The Safest Way

Even though you can stack your filing cabinets, you will have to do everything right to protect the cabinets and avoid any chance of tipping. Here is a general guideline on how to stack filing cabinets.

  • Size of the Cabinets: If you have two filing cabinets you would like to stack on top of one another, put the smaller one on top of the larger one. If they are of the same size but different in thickness, consider putting the stronger and thicker on the bottom, and the lighter one on top.
  • Magnetic Disc: Attaching a magnetic disc to the corners of the bottom file cabinet is also a good idea. Thus, you can secure both of your file cabinets.
  • Weight of the Files: Sometimes we put any files in any drawer without noticing how much space it occupies, or even how much it weighs. That’s not how you put files in stacked filing cabinets.

Instead, always put the heavier files and properties in the bottom file cabinet. Thus you can keep your cabinet from tipping, and eventually damaging it.

Remember, if you put heavy things in the top file cabinet, chances are the file cabinets will be damaged, or fall down.

  • Drawer Interlocks: The interlock mechanism is a great way to ensure the safety and security of your file cabinets. This feature prevents the opening of a drawer if another drawer is ajar. When you stack the file cabinets, the interlock mechanism may stop working. To avoid this issue, you should double-check whether or not the interlock mechanism works.

Let the bottom drawer slightly be opened, and then try to open the top drawer. If it opens then you need to think otherwise; the interlock mechanism has stopped working and you cannot stack file cabinets at that point. But if the cabinet doesn’t open, you can stack the filing cabinets.

Keep in mind, the floor has to be plain and smooth to keep the file cabinets stacked together. If the cabinets aren’t put on a plain surface, there will always be a chance of tipping.

Stacking filing cabinets safely: some tips

The following tips can help you stack filing cabinets securely:

  • There should never be more than two filing cabinets stacked together
  • File cabinets that are stacked at the top should not have heavy items on them
  • Make sure the cabinets are standing vertical
  • Place the stacked filing cabinets in an even floor
  • Make sure that your filing cabinets have interlocking mechanisms
  • It is never a good idea to stack filing cabinets by yourself. Ask someone for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Stack My Filing Cabinets?

This all depends on the type and size of your filing cabinets. One-door file cabinets are lightweight and stackable. Two-door ones are also good to stack atop one another. But make sure you securely put one on top of the other. However, if your file cabinets are of three or more doors, chances are you will not be able to stack them. They are too heavy to handle in this way.

  • Can lateral filing cabinets be stacked?

While it’s possible to stack lateral filing cabinets, it’s not recommended. The cabinets are not built to support the weight of another cabinet on top, and they could easily topple over, potentially causing damage or injury. It’s best to avoid stacking them altogether.

  • Can you stack three-drawer file cabinets?

No, you should not stack three-drawer file cabinets. The weight of the cabinet could cause the bottom drawer to pull out or collapse, and the resulting mess would be difficult and time-consuming to clean up.

  • Can different brand file cabinets be stacked upon each other?

Yes, different brands of file cabinets can be stacked on top of each other as long as they have the same measurements. Make sure to measure the cabinets before purchasing to ensure that they will fit together properly. It’s also a good idea to purchase stackable file cabinets to save space in your office.

Let’s stack the Filing Cabinets

Filing Cabinets are one of the most important things in your office. They are important because they keep the important documents, cash money, and precious properties of your office. So, many files and properties may be damaged or destroyed if you don’t keep them with good care.

You will need many filing cabinets if you want to keep a lot of files. To save space, you have to stack one cabinet on top of the other. Since stacking the file cabinets has become necessary, you should do it properly.

As I have mentioned the important aspects of stacking file cabinets and how to stack filing cabinets properly, you should now be able to do it in the best way. I hope the article has been helpful for you. Have a nice day!

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