How to Use Filing Cabinet Without Rails? [5 Best Methods]

how to use filing cabinetMost people find one of the significant problems of their cabinet is rail. The file cabinets don’t come with rails, and it is truly a great problem for them because they didn’t know the use process of a file cabinet without rails. But you can also organize the file without rails without any issues.

So, how to use a filing cabinet without rails? Buying dividers, using some right binder folders, organizing your file cabinet by your drawer, and using a large paper file or cardboard helps you use the file cabinet without rails are the modern and most actionable solutions. If you have an investment, buying the rails and installing them properly is also a good option for a file cabinet.

Which methods now work best? I have already provided you a quick view to use a file cabinet without rails. I would love to recommend you keep reading to know the detailed answers.

How to Use Filing Cabinet Without Rails

I hope that you already have a file cabinet near you. Well, I found the following solution list, which truly works much better. So, check out the following list to use a file cabinet without rails.

  • You can use large paper files with carboard backing to get the best solution
  • Using the ring binder folder, which I already told you about in the introduction
  • Using ore non-paper item
  • On the other hand, you can buy dividers
  • If you have not any options, then you can buy a file cabinet with rails
  • Build your own rail (customizable)
  • Buy rail inserter

1. Ring Binder Folders to Get Rail Solution

This is one of the best and cheap methods to use a filing cabinet without using the rails. Well, check out the following steps to use the method without any hassles.

  • Step 1: File your ring binder folders with your cabinet file. You may also use plastic wallets to keep your paper of cabinet dirt and debris free. It truly works for me, and I think it also works for you.
  • Step 2: The second thing is that you need to ensure the rings binder folder has one topic. You should keep your main document in one folder, keep your medical paper in one folder, and you need to do other things in the same way.
  • Step 3: Write down the spine in your folder. Most people use this step to find out the file easily and comfortably.

2. Using Large paper with Cardboard Backing

If your cabinet has not railed, you may fall the biggest issue that getting the file to stand upright. Using a larger piece of paper with cardboard helps you to keep the file individually and easily find them without any issues.

To get further strength, this makes you easy and comfortably to read; however, I would love to recommend you put on cabinet individual plastic wallets. You can buy the wallets from both online and offline markets at a very low price.

3. Buy or Using Dividers

This is one of the easiest options which I used. You just apply the dividers between your file, and it will make sifting through them a lot easier. But it also has a problem; you just need to make each of the files tight and always be careful to keep the file and take the file because of the dividers issue.

4. Using Plastic Wallets with the Labels

Plastic wallets are similar in dividers; both are working the same but have some differences. Wallets labels can be easier to organize the file than dividers. With labels, you need to mark the file largely so that you can find out the file comfortably without any hassles.

5. Build Your Own Rails Insert for Your File Cabinet

If you don’t want to invest in rails or have some issues to don’t want to use the rails, then you can build your own rails spending a very little amount of cost. How? Let me explain in detail.

If you use a file cabinet without rails that you own build, then it may be easier to use for you. However, you can follow the above 3 methods to make your own file cabinet without rails. The methods are actionable and easy to do.

Alternative Easy Way to Hanging Cabinet

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do you hang a file in a filing cabinet?

A: If you want to hang the file cabinet, you can use hanging folders to hang the file cabinet file. Most of the file cabinets used the bar or hanging folders because of the extreme use of the bar and the folders.

Q: How do you keep files upright?

A: There are two methods you can apply to keep files upright. However, let’s check out the following steps to keep your file upright without any hassles.

  • Step 1: stacking the files, which helps your file upright on the file cabinet.
  • Step 2: Vertical and lateral filing cabinet also helps you to keep files upright.

Final Words

The file cabinet is an important element for the office and home. Using the file cabinet without rails is hassle enough. I always recommend purchasing the rails if possible so. But when you have no option for rails, you can follow anyone’s steps out of the above 5 steps. So, what do you think? Apply a method and solve your issue as soon as possible.

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