How to Measure a Dining Chair?

How to Measure a Dining Chair?

Though we spend a little time on dining chairs, comfortable seating is one of the prerequisites to have a fine dining experience. Perfect dining chairs will elevate your mood to a whole new level, from serving guests to enjoying family dinners.

But choosing the right dining chair is not that easy. You need to measure different parameters to determine whether the chair will fit your dining table. This guide will put light on every little detail regarding how to measure a dining chair.

Be with us throughout this short yet informative guide and have the perfect dining chair from the next time.

Why Is It Important to Measure a Dining Chair?

Choosing dining chairs might look simple. But you actually need to select the right chair according to your dining space and table. Not all chairs will fit every dining space out there.

Other things such as table height, table size, number of persons to sit, etc., should also be considered while choosing a dining chair. As dining chairs come in many different styles, having the right measurement ensures you have enough space on the chair to sit comfortably.

Before we get to the measurements, let’s have a brief overview of the parameters we need to measure.

What to Measure in a Dining Chair?

You might wonder, what the heck should I measure in a dining chair? There are actually six parameters you should measure. Check them out here.


Remember, this isn’t the seat height. It refers to the overall height of the chair, measuring from the top of the chair to the floor. The height can greatly vary because of different styles in dining chairs.

Chairs with greater height will make a more formal environment. Lower chairs will allow your dining space to breathe and make the environment more friendly. They are more suitable for family dining spaces.

Seat Height

It refers to the distance between the top of the chair seat and the floor. Seat height is extremely important to measure as it will determine your posture. If the seat height is lower than the standard, you might bend your knees more than usual.

But a dining chair with a greater height than standard will make your feet hang in the air, which might be uncomfortable in some situations.

Seat Width

You might easily guess that this is the measurement of the chair across the sides. It refers to the total width of the chair. This measurement dictates two things. If the seat of your chair is less wide than the standard measurement, a bit healthier persons might have issues while sitting.

If the chair is too wide, it will take a lot of space around your dining table. Wider chairs are more suitable for lounge areas, but smaller chairs fit well in the dining environment.

Seat Depth

Depth is the distance between the front and back of the seat. It is actually the available space for you to sit. Chairs that have a seat depth equal to the distance between the back of your butt and the back of your legs will be the most comfortable.

Enough seat depth ensures you can sit on the chair and push yourself all the way to the back. This helps us keep our backbones in the optimal position for maximum comfort.

Back Height

Back height is the distance between the top of the seat and the top of the chair. The height of the backrest can vary depending on the design. And it relates to chair height, the first parameter we have mentioned.

Foot Print

The footprint is the measurement of the base of the chair. This is measured to determine how much space the chair will take. Some dining chairs come with straight legs, while some are inclined. As the legs of these chairs are inclined outwards, the chairs will take more space than they should.

How to Measure a Dining Chair?

To get proper dining chair dimensions, you need to measure the parameters the right way. Let us show you how to measure a chair properly.

For Standard Height Dining Tables

The standard dining table height is between 28 and 30 inches. There should be a gap of at least 10 to 12 inches between the seat of your chair and the dining table. For such tables, dining chairs with a seat height of 18 to 20 inches are perfect.

You should also measure the width of the chair to ensure comfortable seating. Standard dining chairs are 16 to 20 inches wide so that people can sit easily. While eating, 24 to 26 inches of space is required for each person.

Remember to leave a gap of at least 6 inches between chairs so that everyone has some elbow room.

For Counter Height Dining Tables

Counter-style dining tables are a bit higher than standard dining tables. They are about 34 to 36 inches high on average. So, you will need higher chairs for such tables.

Standard chair seats measure 18 inches from the floor. But counter-style dining tables will need chairs with a seat height of at least 24 to 16 inches. You should follow the same width measurement as previously mentioned in these chairs.

Tips for Measuring a Dining Chair

Follow these tips to have the perfect measurement every time.

  • Measure the length of the widest part of the chair. It will ensure you are leaving enough space between chairs.
  • Straight-leg chairs will take less space than inclined-leg chairs. Opt for straight-leg chairs if you have limited space.


Taking the right measurement of dining chairs will help you accommodate the maximum number of chairs around the dining table. It will also make the dining space aesthetically pleasing and rejuvenate the surroundings.

Now that you know how to measure a dining chair keep the key measurements of a dining chair in mind to have the perfect seating arrangement. Make sure everyone sits comfortably without having to bend their back or knees too much.

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