How to Make Drawers Without Slides [5 Simple Steps]

how to make drawers without slidesWant to learn how to make drawers without slides for your next project? I will show the rocket science process to build a drawer without using any slides.

Drawers are important to keep clothes and other important elements. So, it is important to build a perfect drawer.

Here, I discuss 5 steps that you need to follow to make a perfect drawer. First of all, you need to determine the height; second, you need to measure drawer opening; and third, drill pocket holes and add the front drawer false.

Are you confused? Don’t be so. I just try to provide you with a basic concept. However, let’s check out the following steps to build your drawer without using any slides. So, let’s get started.

How to Make Drawers Without Slides [5 Steps Need to Folllow]

In this section, I am going to start building an awesome and stable drawer without using the slides. So, many people also ask me how to fix drawers without slides? This article is also an answer for them.

  1. Determine your drawer height and rough-cut parts which size you want.
  2. Measure the drawer opening and cut down front and back.
  3. Now, you need to drill pocket holes and assemble the drawer box.
  4. Install your drawer bottom after cutting and installing.
  5. Add false drawer front to the drawer box.

Before you start the main process, you need to collect some tools or equipment. These tools and equipment help you to easily and professionally built the drawer without any slides.

  • Kreg K4 pocket hole jig
  • Table saw, or you can use a circular saw
  • Miter saw
  • Hammer or brand nailer
  • 3/4-inches Solid wood or plywood or which you want
  • I used 1/4-inch plywood
  • Collect 1-1/4-inch pocket hole screw
  • 3/4-inch brand or finish nails
  • Wood glue

Have you collected the tools or equipment? If yes, then complete the following steps.

How to Fit a Drawer? To Fit the Drawer Watch This Video

Step 1: Determine your drawer height and rough-cut parts

First of all, you need to find out the right height of your drawer. The rule of thumb I use for my drawer is opening and subtract1 to 1/2 inches which helps me to get the closet half-inch measure.

Secondly, I made my drawer for 6-inch tall and 7-/1.8-inch opening and also used 1-1/8-inch subtract. In addition, you can increase or decrease the measurement without any issues. Moreover, if you are using dimensional lumber for your drawer, you will need to go 1-inch opening.

It would be for me 1 x 6 at 5-1/2-inches.

You may already have plywood for your project. Am I right? Now, it is time to cut down your 3/4-inch plywood for your cabinet drawer to make the stripe that size is 6-inch wide.

Step 2: Measure the drawer opening and cut down front and back

Hey! you already have done the first step successfully; now it is time to jump on this step. However, you may need to struggle from this process but don’t worry; I provide you with clear instructions that help you easily complete the next steps.

Start measuring the width of your drawer which you want to build. After completing it, you need to subtract the space in your drawer. Note, if your question is, how to build a drawer with slides? Then here, you just need to add slides. Otherwise, you can avoid the slides.

The DIY drawer back & front are sandwiched between sides, so you also need to account for those. If you are using 1x material that is full of 3/4-inch, which need just subtract around 1-1/2-inches.

When you use plywood, then it is a little tricky since the plywood is really 3/4-inches.

Instead of doing this, I set my miter saw, which I collected in previous time. It helped me to stop the block to the full drawer. After that, I used two pieces of plywood against the stop block.

Now, I just stock my front and backside of the drawer parts of the spacer at the end of the drawer. Moreover, you should measure it when you mark your cut line.

Step 3: Drill the pocket holes and assemble the drawer box

It is time to drill the pocket holes and assemble your drawer box. The front and back sides of your drawer are jointed now with pocket holes joinery. You may know that I already have collected the Kreg K4 jig from drilling the pocket holes ( I hole three pocket holes).

What next? The next task for you that clamp the drawer slides to the front and back with your pocket holes which you build. Then you need to secure the pieces of pocket hole screw (the size you need to remember that (1-1/4-inch hole screw).

Step 4: Install your drawer bottom after cutting and installing

Basically, it is the last step that you need to complete. This step is very easy than the above steps. You just need to measure your drawer width and depth. After that, cut down 1/4-inch plywood panel.

Don’t forget to use some glue in the bottom line of the drawer. You should not apply much; just apply some glue. After gluing the drawer, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Use 3/4-inch bottom brand nail with a nail gun.
  • Keep the nail 1/2-inch away from the front of the outside edge.
  • After that, use a router and a 45-degree chamfer bit to put a bevel on the underside of the drawer plywood.

Step 5: Add false drawer front to the drawer box

Hey! we are around to finish. Are you ready to finish the project? If yes, let’s follow the final step.

However, adding a false drawer front to the drawer box depends on you which types of design and construction you use. But, here you will discover the two most popular methods which you can choose.

Method 1: Insert Drawer

Generally, this method is used for storage drawers. When you set up a storage drawer, you can apply this method.

Method 2: Overly Drawer

In the opening frame, an over drawer sits on top of the drawers. However, you just need to cut down the part which size you need and easily fit. After that, you should attach them to the front of the DIY drawer with your 1-1/4-inch screw from the inside.

Now, your drawers are completed. You easily make your drawer without using any slides.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Question)

Q: Can you make a drawer without slides?

A: The straightforward answer is yes, you can make a drawer without using any slides. How? You just need to collect some tools and measure the drawer size which you want. After that, you need to complete the above 5 steps.

Q: What can I make my drawers stronger?

A: You can make your drawer stronger to use strong and stable wood and also construction with high-quality materials. It is important to make a drawer strong because the drawer keeps your valuable equipment or clothes. So, try to collect a drawer that has strong wood, materials, and solid construction.

Final Verdict

Without using any slides, it is not a complex task to make a drawer. However, if you want to use the slides or how to install wooden drawer slides, you need to complete a step to install a slide or set up the slides.

I hope this article helps you build a strong and stable drawer without using any slides.

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