Where Should Drawer Slides Be Positioned? [2 Scientific Methods]

Where should drawer slides be positionedWhen you install your drawer slide, where should you position them vertically on the drawer box, top, middle, or bottom? I have seen these three locations, and it is really matters where you position your drawer slides because of weight capacity and your holding materials.

Where should drawer slides be positioned? The official answer is middle. If you position your drawer slide in the middle section, it can take more weight than other area slides mounted. Moreover, middle position drawer slides also help you balance the overall drawer’s weight and smoothly open and close. There are couples of advantages you will discover if you position the drawer slide in the middle.

Moreover, I have little debate here. I found different people different opinions which are also beneficial for you. I divided into two sections of users opinion so that you can easily understand all of the maters. So, let’s discuss this matter in detail.

Where Should Drawer Slides Be Positioned?

According to my survey, most of the people use the middle of the slides of the drawer. They also install the drawer bottom and top slides, which creates extreme pressure on the drawers, and the drawers don’t take much weight. Positioned the slides in the top and bottom of the drawer also causes damage to woods, increasing the repair cost. However, you can also make the right decision after checking out the below sections.

Method 1: Measure the Drawer with Slides

Mount your drawer of the slides with the first screw of your drawer hole 37mm from the front edge of the drawer. If you think 37mm is longer or less for your drawer, you can also follow the manufacturer’s sheets.

After finding the right measurement, the result is that the drawer which assembles with slides will be fully closed when the back of the drawer face hits the drawer or cabinet or edge. Overall, you need to measure the right size of the drawer and then mount the slide.

method 2: Determines Where the Slides Closes

Mount the drawer member of the slide back from the front or edge of the drawer or cabinet where it fully closes. The slide’s bottom out should out on itself. You can also use fisheyes or felt bumpers. But you should keep in mind where the slides close.

However, these two methods are natural, and several people have already used them. I hope that you hear about them and also think to use in your drawer slides right position.

Benefits to Use the Drawer Or Cabinet Slides in the Middle

There are plenty of benefits I found to install my drawer slides in the middle section. Here, some of the benefits for you that help you to understand which types of benefits you will get when you install the middle of the slides in the drawer.

  • When you use your slide in the middle, your drawer holds the extra weight.
  • To position the sliding middle, your drawer easily balances the weight.
  • Your drawer also reduces the damage of your drawer woods.
  • When you use the sliding middle of the drawer, you can easily reduce extra slide buying costs.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Can I mount drawer slides on the bottom?

A: The official answer is yes. If you have ball-bearing slides, then you can easily mount your slides on the bottom of your cabinet or drawer. But if you have not a ball-bearing slide, then my recommendation is to mount the middle section of the drawer.

Q: Should drawer slides be level?

A: Generally, slides are not level. Varify that the new slides are level and even on both sides of the slides. According to my experience, the drawer slides are not level, and they should not be used as a slide level for a drawer or cabinet.

Q: How much space do you need for drawer slides?

A: Most of the side-mount slides require 1/2″ to 17/32″ of clearance on each side of the cabinet or drawer. So, you should keep this amount of space in your drawer slides.

Final Words

Anyone using these two methods when they are going to position the drawer slides. However, it is only my study that I applied in my drawer and collected the information from other users. I hope that these two methods are grateful for you and you can easily position your drawer or cabinet slides.

If you want to take suggestions from me, then I suggest you position the middle of the slide of your drawer because of so many advantages and long-time use the slides and drawer.

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